Emerging Talent Competition – what happens next?

January 19, 2011

A big thanks to the all the acts who entered out 2011 EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION, which will give new, unsigned artists from the UK and Ireland the chance to compete for a main stage slot at this year’s Festival.

Now that the one week entry period is over, we’re busy dividing up the entrants to pass on to our judging panel of 40 of the UK’s best music bloggers (see below).

They will each pick their three favourite acts from the entries they listen to, giving us a longlist of 120 acts. The longlist will be published here on the Glastonbury site at the beginning of March. It will also be distributed to all the Glastonbury stage programmers (with listening links and genre details).

The longlist will then be whittled down to a shortlist of just 10 artists by judges including Glastonbury organisers Michael and Emily Eavis. The acts who’ve made it onto the shortlist will be notified on March 15th (with the list also published here).

A live finals at the beginning of April will then decide this year’s ETC winner.

Here is a list of the blogs our 40 blogger judges write for (some of the bigger ones are supplying more than one judge):

4fortyfour – http://4fortyfour.wordpress.com/
Cats band crushes – http://www.catsbandcrushes.com/
Bitter Fingers  – http://bitterfingers.net/
Song by toad – http://songbytoad.com/
Illegal Tender – http://illegaltendermagazine.blogspot.com/  
faded glamour – http://www.fadedglamour.co.uk/
Breaking More waves – http://breakingmorewaves.blogspot.com/ 
Dots and dashes – http://www.dotsanddashes.co.uk/
Pigeon post – http://thepigeonpost.wordpress.com/
Real horrorshow tunes – http://horrorshowtunez.wordpress.com/
Chemisty is dead – http://thechemistryisdead.com/
The music journal – http://the-music-journal.blogspot.com/
17 seconds – http://www.17seconds.co.uk
Ankia in London – http://www.anikainlondon.com/ 
battery in your leg – http://batteryinyourleg.com/
Crack in the road – http://www.crackintheroad.com/  
Devil has the best tuna  – http://besttuna.blogspot.com/  
Flying with Anna – http://flyingwithanna.wordpress.com/  
Hotcakes – http://likehotcakes.net/ 
When you awake – http://whenyouawake.com/ 
We write lists – http://www.wewritelists.com/ 
This music wins – http://www.thismusicwins.com/ 
Rich Hughes – http://richardjlhughes.co.uk/
Swear I’m not Paul – http://www.swearimnotpaul.com/ 
What’s the ruckus – http://www.whatstheruckus.com/ 
moleskin 90 – http://moleskin90.blogspot.com
Put me on it – http://www.putmeonit.blogspot.com  
Music like Dirt – http://www.musiclikedirt.com 
Bass Music – http://www.bassmusicblog.com
Fucking Dance – http://www.fuckingdance.blogspot.com   
Black Plastic – http://www.blackplastic.co.uk
Wears The Trousers – http://www.wearsthetrousers.com/
For Folk’s Sake – http://www.forfolkssake.com
Music liberation – http://www.musicliberation.blogspot.com
Transparent – http://www.transparentblog.com
Dummy – http://www.dummymag.com/    

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