ETC 2017 Longlist announced - listen to the acts now!

March 21, 2017

We’re very pleased to announce the 120 acts on the longlist for our EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION 2017, which is supported by PRS for Music and the PRS for Music Foundation. These acts were picked by our judging panel, made up of 40 of the UK’s best online music writers.

We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to the many thousands of acts who entered the free contest, and the judges for helping to narrow them down to just these 120 acts.

Each of the bloggers has chosen their favourite three acts. They’re listed below, and check out the SoundCloud playlist of all the acts above (apart from the acts who chose to enter a “private” track).

These acts will now be whittled down to a shortlist of just 8 acts who will compete at April’s live finals for a slot on one of the main stages at this year’s Festival. The winners of the competition will also be awarded a £5,000 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize, to help take their songwriting and performing to the next level. Two runners-up will also each be awarded a £2,500 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize.

Amazing Radio 
“Brilliant R&B-influenced pop”
2. Wedding
“A very well-crafted track with beautifully dreamy, shimmering guitars.”
3. Tom Forbes
“Impressive style – the track has immediate impact”

Best New Bands
1. The BeauBowBelles
“A gloriously whimsical string-driven song with some lovely instrumental punctuation”
2. Tara
“A jilted torch song with all the hallmarks of a classic”
3. S.O.S.
“A consummate and well-polished song”

Black Plastic
1. Explorers
“Glorious soft keys and falsetto vocals come together to make the sound of neon shoe gaze new wave”
2. Fang Night
“A great example of how to combine indie, R&B and pop into one perfect package”
3. Tigerclub
“Sounds like math rock played by Queens of the Stone Age”

Breaking More Waves
1. Afro Cluster
“Afrocluster combine wonderful brass, hip-hop, and funky 60s/70s throwback rhythms”
“Quirky and original, this is hooky leftfield pop delivered like nobody else.”
Instantly likeable indie rock that has touches of drama and nostalgia in its mix of guitars and synths.

Bristol Live Mag
1. Greta Jaime
“Mexico hits many of the qualities we like to see in pop music for 2017; heaps of atmosphere, honest articulation and ample use of the word ‘London’”
2. For Foresters
“For Foresters take soft Irish musings and channel them through a new, confident lens.”
3. False Advertising
“Amidst their largely American vibe lies more than a touch of Elastica’s Britpop brilliance, and a chorus that’s quite unexpected indeed.”

“Fighter is an addictive hit with its saccharine, bouncy beat and Diplo-esque drop, but there’s a dark edge to it too.”
2. Sooski
“There’s an ethereal, highly textured quality to the beat which reminds me of something by FKA Twigs. Shows a ton of promise.”
“With its deep, urgent vocal and delicately crafted instrumentation, Nottingham band TUSK mark themselves out as indie ones to watch.”

Crack Magazine
1. Glassmasterer
“Winter Boots is a restrained, textured piece that imagines landscapes and atmospheres across its beautifully crafted timbre. Never overbearing but very beautiful.”
2. Flohio (God Colony feat Flohio)
“Flohio’s bars ring out like an infectious mantra of fury and aspiration.”
“With a healthy nod to fellow rockers Fat White Family their lo-fi garage rock and D.I.Y aesthetic keeps things excitingly fresh and unpredictable.”

Devil has the Best Tuna
1. Apella
“The buoyant, exuberant, effervescent We Met At A Party is a refreshing blast of lively, contagious, raucous pop with a glint in its eye and a cheeky grin on its face.”
2. Alice Nancy
“Light As Stone is beguilingly fragile and brittle. It’s quiet, almost serene beauty and poetic, melancholic and deeply personal lyrics mark Alice out as a songwriter with a maturity that belies her age.”
3. Aphra
“Norwich singer-songwriter Aphra takes traditional folk and gives it a modern twist.”

Dots and Dashes
1. Sloes
“Supremely polished, and pretty superb.”
2. Barbudo
“Instantly reminiscent of the Captured Tracks catalogue, there’s ample allure to this Havant outfit.”
3. August and After
“Unexpectedly, and so too unprecedentedly beautiful.”

Drowned In Sound
1. Black Square
Excellent mix of smoky beats, dubstep and sensual vocals. Has a Massive attack vibe. Definite ones to watch and worthy of a slot at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.
2. Benji Heinke
Really liking this. Excellent lo-fi indie pop in the vein of Mac De Marco, Wild Nothing or The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. Definitely want to hear more of this!
3. Blithe
Really innovative and interesting choice of song packed with ideas and sounds. A breath of fresh air in the singer/songwriter field. Would really like to see how blithe develops both as a recording artist and live performer. 

Dummy Magazine
1. Young Yizzy
“Very strong grime MC with real commercial potential.”
2. Jafaris
“Slick, smart, soulful hip hop with real ambition.”
3. JackCity
“Melodic, poppy, hip hop with smart lyrics and a northern accent.”

Fact Magazine
1. Jerome Thomas
“A cool, classy neo-soul jam that calls to mind the best of Erykah Badu.”
2. Jords
“Explores a moody seam of R&B with a clever UK slant.”
3. King Tides
“A satisfyingly creepy late night jam with a welcome burst of saxophone.”

1. Callum Gray
“Callum Gray’s songs blend a Beatles-esque simplicity with some tasteful cutting edge electric guitar over the top.”
2. Blueprint Blue
“One of the best 60s influenced groups in the country.”
3. Bokito
“Like an interesting mix of Tune Yards and Foals. Big potential.”

Gold Flake Paint
1. Lazy Day
“Gorgeous, hazy guitar pop with a really strong lead vocal.”
2. Fenne Lily

“Lily has the kind of voice that could make the phone book sound sad, but Top To Toe is also very beautiful; her soft, haunting vocal keeping you gripped throughout.”
3. Kayla Painter
“Eerie, crisp electronic compositions with warped vocals and all manner of samples and beats that slowly come alive as the track rolls on.”

i-D Magazine
1. Kudu Blue
“Electronic and soulful with nods to hip-hop and r&b whilst pushing things forward through the production and instrumentation.”
2. Josh Barry
“This guy is incredible. Top lad with a truly incredible voice that sounds great both live and on a record.”
3. La Lune
“Deep and sombre yet with a subtly soulful sound. Hauntingly soothing and stunning vocal. Love this!”

It’s All Indie
1. M60
“The Manchester-based band have drawn on some of their influences and crafted a track with a sound that is so refreshing yet familiar.”
2. Jake Houlsby
“Move over Ben Howard, there’s a new folk inspired singer-songwriter on the block. His track “Howl” is haunting, soulful and full of character.”
3. James White
“James White’s track sounds so big and bold, from the strong start of the song, commanding vocals to the jazzy middle and end of the song, it’s got it all!”

Josh Hall
1. Moelogo
“A refreshing take on an exciting genre.”
2. The Dylema Collective
“Really enjoyed the laidback delivery.”
3. Midfield Workhorse
“Reminds me of Truck Festival in its glory days, really fun.”

Just Music That I Like
1. I See Rivers
“Enchanting spectral-folk trio who combine harmonies and arrangements to die for with soft, drifting acoustic melodies.”
“Resonates around Joy Crookes’ soulful vocals and deep, emotive songcraft amongst perfectly placed instrumentation, strings and trippy beats.”
3. Josh Savage
“Glistening guitars circle around intimate and gorgeous vocals on the heart-melting and elegant Whisper in the Snow.”

Laura Snoad
“An understated vocal, relaxed melodies and woozy production make for a heady mix on this track by Vacation. A soundtrack to a summer of friends and good times.”
2. Shaking Chains
“This number combines a playful vocal with intriguing and at points witty world-building. The stripped back instrumentation allows room for the vocal – the star of this track – to do the talking.”
3. Lucy Leave
“The unusual somewhat murky vocal makes this track throb with heady longing, especially during the formless vocal exploration half way through the track.”

Mark Higgins
1. Catherine Devlin
“It’s not what Catherine does with her voice as much as what you know she’s capable of – you feel every note she delivers. A natural and enthralling talent.”
2. Cappellino
“A superbly composed, performed and produced song that feels both epic and intimate at the same time.”
3. Cariss Auburn
“Sparse but perfectly executed beats match Cariss’ striking vocal.”

Mark Muldoon
1. Cherryshoes
“Gorgeous, lightly experimental, sit-up-and-pay-attention indie that’s ready to speed-convert radio listeners nationwide.”
2. San Blas
“Simultaneously classy yet engineered to make the party go off. The glorious sound of Mumford & Sons drunkenly entertaining your town’s rock’n’roll bar at 2am.”
3. Clara Bond
“Clara Bond has transitioned from straight up pop towards a more country-influenced sound. This is classic, perfectly-honed song writing. “

Michael Cragg
1. Minque
“Really liked the fact this song takes its time, easing you into its world. It’s not all atmospherics either – there are some lovely melodic hooks throughout and I really like the characterful vocal.”
“Love that this doesn’t really sound like everything else – there’s a very carefree essence to it, plus the chorus is so catchy and light.”
3. Tiny Folds
“Very 1975-esque, but the song itself is so catchy that it manages to circumvent the influences.”

Moleskin 90
1. The Gnarwhals
“Really catchy melodies. Tight band, nice n fuzzy.”
2. P.U.S.H
“Bubbly garagey track. Live video looks really fun.”
3. Safi Passman
“MAN! This kid makes playing the guitar that fast look so easy!”

Music Liberation
1. Cosmo Pyke
“Peckham’s finest, Cosmo Pyke, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who combines blues, jazz, and hip hop into soulful breezy pop tunes.”
2. Dahlia Sleeps
“Creating eerily still yet pulsing music, Dahlia Sleeps are a synth pop 4-piece that push the pop boundaries into deeper and darker places.”
3. Crash Island
“Crash Island are a self confessed darkwave indie rock band, they are energetic, full of positive summer vibes and eager to get you dancing.”

Music Like Dirt
1. Denton Thrift
“There are obvious comparisons to The XX in Denton Thrift’s wonderfully sparse sound but the combination of Xylophone, lush harmonies and a guitar seemingly pilfered from a Whitesnake power ballad lifts them up above the many soundalikes.”
2. Declan Welsh & the Decadent West
“You’ll need a cloth to wipe the spittle from your face after listening to Declan Walsh’s three minute rage against the prevailing political tides. Punk rock at its finest angry agitating best.”
3. Della Lupa
“Arty theatricality abounds in English-Italian-Vietnamese singer songwriter Steph Brown’s Della Lupa ‘project’. At heart though ‘Closed Borders’ is simply good songwriting and it never harms to sound the spit of national treasure Kate Bush.”

Neon Filler
1. Nicholson Heal
“Bristol based singer songwriter Nicholson Heal excels either with just a guitar and his beautiful voice, or with a full band that includes a six piece brass section.”
2. Palm Honey
“This psychedelic pop quartet are full of fuzzed up fun and buzzed up ballsy rock and offer something for everyone with their self titled style of “experimental, alternative, noisy, psych-gaze pop”.”
3. Orchards
“This Brighton based act take geek chic to new levels as they blend maths rock with good old fashioned pop. Singer Lucy Evers adds some genuine soul, while Sam Rushton’s intricate guitar work is the glue that brings  their eclectic mix of styles together.”

1. Rusangano Family
So Brilliant. Amazing Lyric and Amazing Energy. Loved this. Perfect Glastonbury Band.
2. Peter Cat
Insanely good Melody and excellent songcraft. One of the most enjoyable tunes from the list. It was stuck in my head for hours. Great Live Video too. A Good Festival Band
3. Lilith Ai
Incredibly Soulful song. Brilliant lyric and Great singer. A Special Artist. Loved the Live Video also. Another perfect Glastonbury Act. Brilliant Message

Real Horrorshow Tunes
1. Rick Leigh
“I really enjoyed the mellow build to this song, with Rick’s understated vocals and meditative lyrics making a late appearance after a beautiful cacophony of instrumentation. Compelling stuff.”
2. Sad Girls Club
“Brighton band impressed with a British spin on Courtney Barnett-esque lyrics and sardonic humour, as well as undeniable lo-fi groove in their indie-folk-rock.”
3. Yassassin
“This indie-rock quintet have an irresistible track in “Social Politics”, that weaves together world-weary lyrics, angular guitars and a riotous attitude.”

Resonance FM
“Captivating arrangements and very raw, soft-spoken delivery from a clearly very talented recording artist.”
2. Domiciles
“Spacey sounds to overload the senses by a confident and outspoken psychedelic ensemble.”
“Sleek and polished female-fronted pop band with a raw delivery and a diverse set of influences.”

1. Ella Shaw
“Fantastic. Voice has great tone and range. She is a decent pianist as well. Great subject matter too. Roll on Pilton.”
2. Electric Spank
“Tight group, funky vocals, care-free glasto vibes. Get the Tuborg’s out.”
3. Everly Pregnant Brothers
“Did milburn suddenly turn middle-aged? Quite a funny band from Sheffield.”

Sim Rollison
1. Petrie
“In a time of omnipresent alt-R&B, ‘To Swim’ is a track that demands your attention. A deft interplay of woozy synths and assured vocals, when the infectious bass driven chorus kicks in you know you’re listening to something special.”
“Pure, infectious energy on show here from this Sheffield five-piece. Indie rock with a punk edge to it that is going to make you want to see them live at the earliest opportunity.”
3. Silences
“Haunting vocals are the unifying thread through this increasingly intricate weave of guitars and synths as this fine slice of folk-cum-indie builds to a brave and ultimately satisfying crescendo.”

The Fader
1. Slick Don
“Sharp and hard-hitting grime, as lyrical as it is primed for reloads & gunfingers. I love Slick Don’s Brum accent, too.”
2. sarasara
“Lilting, heavy broken beat reminds me of Gazelle Twin. Stark contrast with the whispery, fragile vocal. Really unnerving in the best way.”
3. Sterre Weldring
“Pretty, distinctive voice sliding around its vocal range, over delicate guitar work. Really intimate songwriting.”

The Know
1. Smooth Ends
“Colourful, confident and ready to tackle any main stage! They have the live show to back up the greatness of this track.”
2. Spectres
“This band has commanded the attention of the music press for a reason. Their noisy shoegazing is something unsettlingly brilliant.”
3. Starwheel
“Not many bands can pull of such a vintage psych sound with such conviction. They could easily explode like Temples and Tame Impala have.”

The House of Coxhead
1. Kalyan
“Stunning voice, cool band and really like the production. My favourite by quite a long way.”
2. Verschieden
“Cool band, bringing the vibe and the funk. Can imagine people really enjoying them live.”
3. Natalie 2V (Tuvey)
“Beautiful voice, love the track and sounds good live. Really impressive.”

The Line of Best Fit (Lauren Down)
1. Housewives
“Brutalist post-punk at its most ragged, “New Dance” is a muscular, angular, abrasive example of what South London’s Housewives can do. It’s menacing and poised, intricate and chaotic.”
2. Tokio
“Tokio Myers is a man of pure talent. An incredible composer and pianist, he could have got away with a simpler and safer approach to his music but then it would not be as thrilling or original.”
3. Stella Talpo
“Stella Talpo’s vocals are a smooth sip of whisky, a pair of arms wrapped around you when you’re feeling blue, that missed breath when your heart aches, the sound the walls of a 1920’s jazz club would make if they could talk.”

The Line of Best Fit (Paul Bridgwater)
1. Soham De
“Soham De really has something that makes him stand out. The vocal is confident, controlled and involving and he’s clearly an intelligent pop songwriter.”
2. Strange Boy
“Of all the submissions I listened to, Strange Boy stood out as the artist pushing the envelope more than any other. It’s music on its own terms, operating on a level that hits those parts of your brain a lot of music only sometimes scrapes. There’s so much going on and all of it is brilliant.”
3. Tinyman
“He’s a really impressive MC – his flow is incredible and the way the track bolts together a distinctly London sound with this jazzy NY rap arrangement is brilliant.”

The Quietus (Rory Gibb)
1. The Nightjar
“Some great, experimental-leaning nocturnal folk songs, sparse enough to allow the music to breathe, with carefully sculpted, interesting electronic production.”
2. Tidelines
“Subtle, slow-burning R&B/trip-hop hybrid with traces in the production of newer club music styles: cryptic, considered, and pleasantly synthetic in approach to its influences. The rest of the EP is just as good.”
3. Temples of Youth
“Thoughtful electronic pop songs done well — their more spacious tracks in particular are really nice, atmospheric things.”

Too Many Blogs
1. Tony Njoku
“A strange, slow-building song that comes to a head after the third minute with a fantastic payoff. ”
2. Toby Kaar
“The track that I heard on soundcloud actually made me want to check out the live video, and then also his other work. An electronic track that appears messy from the outside but is cleverly woven together.”
3. Owen Denvir
“This is one of those tracks you can easily imagine being everywhere. Used in an ad, in a soundtrack or on the trailer of a movie. Great voice, catchy chorus.”

When The Gramophone Rings
1. The New Coast
“The New Coast are one of those acts where within the first 20 seconds you know you’re onto something special. Anthemic without being overbearing, it’s huge.”
2. Paradisia
“Paradisia are a band that captivate through minimalism, which is a rare and glorious trait. You find yourself hanging onto every word and note in ‘Silent Lover’, each build and swoon effortlessly transfixing.”
3. Pixey
“Many artists try to bring experimental elements into play, however few successfully craft something actually exciting and worthwhile. This is where Pixey breaks the mould, bringing together huge pop hooks and melodies with lo fi production.”

When You Awake
1. Samana
A beautiful, atmospheric, dream-like song. Little Joy meets Nico meets Fairport Convention. The lead singer has an absolutely enchanting voice. 
2. Lucas & King
Lovely voices and sweet tunes from this country-folk duo. A number of their songs include slide guitars, stomps and claps, which are hard to do well but they pull it off with ease and charm.
3. The Seamonsters
Good time indie girl rock! Quite loose around the edges but when it comes together, it’s something to watch out for.

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