ETC 2020 Longlist announced listen to the acts now!

April 29, 2020

We’re very pleased to announce that our 2020 EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION, which is once again supported by PRS for Music and PRS Foundation, will go ahead, and a winner will be chosen.

The competition gives new UK and Ireland-based acts of any musical genre the chance to compete for a slot on one of the main stages at the Festival – this year’s winners will be given a slot at Glastonbury 2021.

The winners of the free-to-enter competition will also be awarded a £5,000 Talent Development prize from PRS Foundation to help take their songwriting and performing to the next level. Two runners-up will also each be awarded a £2,500 PRS Foundation Talent Development prize.

The 90 acts on the longlist are revealed below. These acts were picked by our judging panel, made up of 30 of the UK’s best online music writers & bloggers, from the thousands of entries we received in January 2020.

Each of the bloggers has chosen their favourite three acts. They’re listed below, and check out the SoundCloud playlist of all the acts above (apart from the acts who chose to enter a “private” track).

These acts will now be whittled down to a shortlist of just 8 acts, by judges including Emily Eavis and Glastonbury’s Head of Music Programming, Nick Dewey. The shortlist will be announced in the week commencing May 18th.

There will be no live finals (for obvious reasons), but the winners will be chosen from the shortlist by the 15 music business professionals who would have judged the live finals. They will use the song and live performance video each act entered with to make their decision.

The 2019 Emerging Talent Competition winner was the soulful singer-songwriter Marie White, who has since signed with Decca Records and Universal Music Publishing Group.

Said Emily Eavis: “At a time when the live music industry is on hold, and upcoming artists are not able to get out there and showcase their talents, I’m so pleased that we’re still able to shine a light on the best new acts in the UK and Ireland through the Emerging Talent Competition. I’m hugely looking forward to hearing the 90 acts on the longlist – and I really hope that lots of others will listen and choose their favourites too.”

Joe Frankland, CEO of PRS Foundation said: “The Emerging Talent Competition is an incredible opportunity and has been a fantastic springboard for so many successful music creators, including Declan McKenna, Marie White, Flohio and Izzy Bizu. This unique combination of the opportunity to perform at the iconic Glastonbury Festival and receive vital career support has had a real and sustainable impact on those artists’ development. I’m very much looking forward to seeing who the winner and runners-up are this year.”

Said Amy Field, Senior Events Manager at PRS for Music: “We are so pleased the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition is still going ahead. It’s something positive to focus on during this uncertain time and with the unfortunate cancellation of Glastonbury Festival this year. We know that many music creators are currently facing challenges, and so we are proud to be able to continue this project with PRS Foundation and Glastonbury to keep the momentum going and provide some much needed support to artists taking part.”

Aimee Cliff 
1. Holly Redford Jones
“Blown away by this voice. It’s a deep husk with real character to it, helped by the fact the songwriting oozes cool nonchalance.”
“The production here reminds me of early Caribou: bright, fresh … tons of fun.”
3, Harvey Causon
“I really like the off-kilter, jazzy feel. It’s careful, patient song-writing, and the spacious production goes to some really sinister places. This is a voice that stuck in my mind!”

Amazing Radio
“Codex’s beats are crisp, laidback and bold at the same time. It’s nice to hear broken beat from an electronic outfit … warmth that you can dance to or lie on your back watching clouds to.”
2. Cheap Teeth
“Cheap Teeth’s ramshackle indie sound is big. Superb vocally, wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of Peaky Blinders.”
3. Butch Kassidy
“Butch Kassidy incorporate post-rock, jazz and math with poetry. There’s a HUGE live band waiting to break out here.”

At the Barrier
1. False Hearts
“A four piece who play no frills classic rock delivered with an impressive style … a band who’ve graduated from the School of Rock with honours.”
2. Ten Foot Wizard
“Some may grimace but most will get off on the exuberance and the vitality of this explosive, metal-tinged rock.”
3. Brutalligators
“An energetic, bouncy track … anthemic vibes accompanied by the sort of impassioned delivery that only Frank Turner could impart. Invigorating.”

Black Plastic
1. Two Day Coma
“Lovely energetic punk meets the brutal honesty of anti-folk on this raucous little fuzzy record.”
2. Tom Bryan
“Tom takes his guitar and voice, and cleverly assembles them to make something akin to post-rock-folk experimentalism.”
3. Sunflower Thieves
“Simple but effective: two voices and some basic instrumentation with some absolutely staggering harmonies and a beautiful melody. It breaks me a little bit.”

Bristol in Stereo
1. Talk Show
“Fast and Loud is precisely what you’re getting. The guitar sounds like an alarm … the lead singer, Harrison, in grippingly ominous and rumblingly thunderous baritone, urges us to “let it out.” Talk Show do precisely that. Your inhibitions are doomed.”
2. Strange New Places
“There’s such power to this track’s construction. It achieves fast and slow; loud and quiet; wall of sound and subtle detail; piercing lead vocals and soaring harmonies. Makes you want to hug the person next to you.”
3. Lazarus Kane
“Lazarus growls like a prophet. He barks like a dog. It’s part philosophical, part feral (but then, aren’t we all?). Funk, synth-pop and psych-rock bristle like three siblings on a long car journey.”

Crack Magazine
1. Kathleen Frances
“A really captivating, haunting vocal. She manipulates her voice like an instrument.”
2. Ryan De La Cruz
“Distinctive, high-impact flow and engaging beats which allow his agile vocal delivery to flourish. Simple, razor-sharp hooks.”
3. Yemi Bolatiwa
“A versatile vocalist, at home on an infectious pop song or a confessional soul track. There’s an effortlessness and smoothness to her delivery.”

Devil has the Best Tuna
1. Courting
“An enjoyable, explosive, rabble-rousing anthem that’s like an adrenalin shot to ears. It’s catchy, insistent and persistent.”
“Exciting, riotous rock that throws every genre into the melting pot to create a glampunk riot of attitude and defiance.”
3. Cloth
“A gorgeous sliver of dreamy, atmospheric, whispery alt-pop … the perfect remedy for these turbulent times.”

DJ Hutch/Rinse
“This woman’s voice is amazing. The smoothness and control of the vocals is out of this world and the harmonies are flawless.”
2. JDA
“JDA has a swagger about her that is undeniable … makes you want to hear more and more. I can definitely see her making some waves in the future.”
3. izzy
“There’s an understated vibe about Izzy … a subtle swag, coupled with energy and soulfulness.”

Dots and Dashes
1. Cold Comforts
“Reminiscent of early Foo Fighters, this eminently memorable introduction may lack polish but more than compensates in poise and punch.”
“Truly beautiful, spellbinding work, sung exceptionally well.”
3. Clwb Fuzz
“There’s a whiff of Wolf Alice to this fuzzy, languid number. A belting statement of intent from the Cardiff four-piece.”

Fifty3 Musings on Music
1. Tors
“This song would sound as much at home in a stadium as in a sitting room. Strong lead vocal and harmonies, great chorus and nicely arranged.”
2. Sophie McGeorge
“Quite simply a beautiful song, carefully crafted and wonderfully sung. Sophie has a rare vocal tone; her clarity and precision is matched by a soft emotive power.”
3. Lunar Keys
“Epic alternative rock with cruise control pop. Great songwriting from a tight band with a truly great lead vocalist.”

FMS Magazine
1. Fightmilk
“This is indie-rock that is not afraid of its pop influence, with lyrics that are witty and heartfelt.”
2. Abi Rose Kelly
“Abi Rose Kelly has created a swaggering, confident noise here. It packs a solid guitar punch yet never take its eye off ensuring there’s a great good tune at its core. It’s ace.”
3. Brigid O’Neill
“Supremely confident both musically and lyrically – this combination of relaxed sound with an eye for a subtly vicious lyric is a treat.”

1. Forest Law
“There are so many layers to this track, it’s enjoyable, innovative and exciting.”
2. Florence Noon
“From the Bob Ross sample in the intro to the wavy synths throughout … there are so many experimental elements to take in and this, paired with Florence Noon’s elegant vocal, makes it sublime.”
3. Foundlings
“The energy exuding from this track is exhilarating, a difficult feat for a studio recording. A sonic sucker punch in terms of length and sound, my finger was firmly pressed on repeat.”

Gold Flake Paint
1. Malena Zavala
“Such a great song! It’s colourful, playful, infectious, and that lead vocal is full of character.”
2. Siobhan Wilson
“Siobhan has a really special voice and this song showcases it beautifully; the gentle nature of it, the highs and lows, makes the whole thing completely spellbinding.”
3. Joshua Burnside
“There are plenty of brooding singer/songwriters out there but Joshua finds a way of making the genre his own. It’s plaintive but full of considered moodiness. Beautiful stuff.”

It’s All Indie
“Indie-pop laden with summer vibes and plenty of warm guitars and danceable elements … addictive from the first second.”
2. Reevah
“Soaring vocals layered gently on top of some delightful guitar tones with some London Grammar-esque production values going on too.”
3. Philip Brooks
“A beautiful example of how this competition can find some truly mesmerising artists, this track is just so fresh and breezy.”

Josh Hall
1. Snazzback
“Love this! Like Maisha doing hip-hop beats.”
2. Project Hilts
“This is great – love the richness. Reminds me of Alfamist.”
3. R.A.E
“This is fantastic – slightly uncanny, slightly creepy, really engaging.”

Laura Snoad
“Dripping with feel-good summertime vibes, Secret is an incredibly polished, radio-ready track that worms its way into your brain from the very first listen. Tabitha Jade has huge stage presence and deftly switches between the studio, live and acoustic performances. Expect big things.”
2. Julia-Sophie
“This enticing track oscillates between eerie and upbeat, reassuring and unnerving in equal measures. The production grips you from the get-go and pulls you into an experimental structure that layers spoken word, organic percussion and a stirring vocal.”
3. The Van T’S
“With a catchy chorus and radiating ennui, you can almost feel The Van T’s giving you deadeye as you listen to this quickly addictive track. In the mould of Elastica and Garbage but with a contemporary bite, Seeing Stars has a flawless combination of vocal and guitar melodies that immediately reveals the chemistry the band have with each other.”

Mark Higgins
1. Abbie Ozard
“Huge, eighties-influenced synths make this catchy number something special.”
“This is the sound of a very exciting new artist. Dark and brooding electronica meets unfettered excitement and brightness. Highly listenable.”
3. Gemma Bradley
“A tremendous, measured vocal from Gemma in this bright, engaging and soulful banger.”

Michael Cragg
1. Walt Disco
“Immediately attention-grabbing, this feels like the decadence of 80s alt-pop careening headlong into Bryan Ferry’s velvet jacket. Gloriously OTT, but effortlessly in control of every single sophisticated hook and melodic impulse.”
“A gorgeous voice, somewhere between the emotionally swollen yelp of Florence Welch and the smooth catharsis of Jessie Ware. But a good voice is nothing without a great song, and the atmospheric You Have Soul manages to showcase MOIR’s considerable talent to perfection.”
3. Joulie Fox
“A sinister electro behemoth that feels like its dripping down the walls. Bonus points for not having a clearly defined chorus, just this sense of one big, ever growing slab of melody.”

Music Liberation
1. LIO
“Thoughtful and uplifting pop that shimmers in energy, and delights with its lyrical content.”
2. Janileigh Cohen
“Poignant folk that draws the listener in, Cohen’s voice has a wisdom beyond her tender age.”
3. New Pagans
“Moody, dark but ultimately emphatic rock that swells and soars, with interesting production too.”

Music like Dirt
1. Frankie Beetlestone
“Inventive, witty and catchy as hell. A Sheffield teenager with lyrics that echo the charm of early Alex Turner while delighting in breaking the ‘third wall’ with ‘to camera’ asides and idiosyncratic production touches.”
2. Alice Auer
“Sweet honey dripped directly into your ears, with a deceptively simple, slightly 80’s piano and drum backing. Irresistible jazz soul.”
3. Fought Process
“Hiphop, fused with funk and rock. Rapper Grim Barsman channels the quick fire political rap of Zack De La Rocha while the scratch DJ and band bring to mind two of my favourite ‘heads’: Portis- and Tack-.”

Neon Filler
1. The Covasettes
“The Covasettes pack a punch, drawing you immediately into their catchy melodies and unique take on guitar pop.”
2. Maphe
“Maphe perfectly builds up her music, which is full of soaring, catchy choruses. Her track Fire instantly appeals. A star in the making.”
3. The Elephant Trees
“This North of England trio are full of infectious energy. They are more than a little reminiscent of The Go! Team, producing indie pop you can dance to.”

1. Nia Wyn
“Before the brilliant chorus, Love I Can’t Ruin is already the best song I have heard in a long time. An incredible voice and an excellent songwriter who knows the power in short and simple.”
2. Mercy
“It’s a rare voice that can temper a soaring string and piano arrangement. Mercy does it and then some, soaring over this brilliant song all from the cross legged comfort of her seat.”
3. the slaughter house band
“A tonic, as all great rock ‘n’ roll bands should be. Raz Hyland is a singer for the ages.”

Resonance Extra FM
1. Charles
“Highly distinctive and unquestionably experimental soul soloist and producer. Full and confident multi-layered production, strong poetic presence, and the clear quality of the individual delivery and performance.”
“Instantly forceful and memorable ‘earworm’ introduction, refreshing directness and the orchestral depth which continually develops throughout the track.”
3. Castorp
“A rock band with a distinctive, raw and polished execution and a classic and timeless feel, carving out and developing rich baritone and guitar motifs.”

Rhys Buchanan
“ELOI has the feel of a natural star, vibrant production and an immensely powerful voice.”
“DITZ have all the makings of a vital post-punk band – witty lyricism, off the wall delivery and a live show to back it up.”
3. Ella Tobin
“An effortless and unassuming artist – Ella’s sound, delivery and writing sits somewhere between Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers.”

Sim Rollison
1. Matilda Mann
“Loch Ness encourages the listener to make their interpretations throughout the sparse production. It’s full of smart writing from someone so young and you feel that Matilda has a lot more to say.”
2. Kiddus
“An expertly constructed track. Kiddus is clearly a talented producer with a convincing one-man live set up.”
3. Lottie
“It’s a simple composition which shows Lottie’s talent as both a songwriter and a singer with great range.”

The House of Coxhead
“A really unique voice and tone. Really love her writing style and the production.”
2. Olivia Nelson
“Olivia’s voice popped when I heard it amongst the other entrants.”
3. TEE
“Wicked vibe and great rapping voice, his lyrics hit hard and he generally has something special about him.”

1. The Last Skeptik
“The Last Skeptik is a bit of a genius. The DJ/vocalist/producer/composer pushes the limits of multiple genres, blending endlessly eclectic sounds. The harmonies are as beautiful as the lyrics can be brutal.”
2. Ruby Polli
“Ruby Polli’s natural talent is undeniable. What a voice! To be writing, singing and performing original songs at such a young age with the confidence and maturity of an already bona-fide pop star is so impressive.”
3. Wyldest
“Perfect shoegaze pop which incorporates all the classic 80s trademarks but embraces a modern approach. The intricate instrumentals and siren call of singer/producer Zoe Meads are utterly captivating.”

The Line of Best Fit (Paul Bridgewater)
1. Pizzagirl
“There’s a very real sense of potential here, of an artist taking his first steps with a full arsenal of talent, humour and personality.”
2. Otis Mensah
“It’s literate, exciting and affecting. His flow is solid, set against beats and loops that hearken back and point forward.”
3. Tilly Greentree
“The songwriting is as superlative as the vocal.”

Too Many Blogs
1. Soot Sprite
“Lovely vocal harmonies, interesting visual lyricism and a belting, catchy chorus. It’s a really absorbing, endearing song.”
2. Joro
“Bursting to life straight from the off, with complimentary instrumental inflections and flawless lead vocals. Featuring a small army of performers, JORO are tight as anything.”
3. Thyla
“Unadulterated pop-rock fun. An effortlessly well-executed and explosive anthem, full of raw energy and emotion. The lead singer’s vocals are very strong, plus she pulls off a pretty good scream when she wants to.”

Under the Radar
1. Saltwater Sun
“One of the most polished acts I’ve heard this year. For fans of Catatonia, Drugstore and Wolf Alice.”
2. Knuckle
“Vitriolic punk rock that’s vital and relevant to what’s going on today. Knuckle are one of the most accomplished bands on the circuit right now.”
3. Serial Chiller
“Energetic and frenzied grunge pop that’s similar to Mclusky and Future of the Left.”

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