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March 16, 2023

We’re very pleased to announce the 90 acts on the longlist for our EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION 2023, which is supported by PRS for Music and the PRS Foundation. These acts were picked by our judging panel, made up of 30 of the UK’s best online music writers.


We’d like to say a huge thanks to the many thousands of acts who entered the free contest, and the judges for helping to narrow them down to just 90 acts.

Listen to the playlist on youtube


Each of the writers has chosen their favourite three acts. They’re listed below, and check out the YouTube playlist of all the acts above.

These acts will now be whittled down to a shortlist of just 8 acts who will compete at April’s live finals for a slot on one of the main stages at this year’s Festival. The winners of the competition will also be awarded a £5,000 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize, to help take their songwriting and performing to the next level. Two runners-up will also each be awarded a £2,500 PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development prize.


Absolute Radio

1 | Amber-Simone    
Black, No Sugar
“What a voice! It completely stopped me in my tracks. Amber creates wonderful, groovy, lo-fi sounds and I haven’t been able to stop listening – I’m sure everyone else will be the same. A future festival headliner!”

2 | Adam Hopper
Beauty in Sadness
“Lyrically clever and a super-catchy chorus that will have you humming along for the rest of your day. Adam’s charming vocal delivery will surely build him a legion of fans.”

3 | Abbie Ozard    
Ford (Drive)
“The track oozes a sense of cool and style with the hazy vocals and lo-fi vibes, a juxtaposition to the lyrical content, a twist that I really like. Behind the dreamy indie-pop there is definitely a strong message… one to watch.”


Amazing Radio

1 | Beige Banquet 
Acid Bath
“Beige Banquet are a great example of rock with a sketchy and jangly indie influence. Their driving energy is really on point with what’s cool in the genre right now.”

2 | Chloe et Al    
Caught In The Middle
“There’s always going to be the comparison of Amy Winehouse when it comes to jazz artists, and that’s ok, that’s the benchmark. Chloe et Al comes very close, her voice is full of pain when it needs to be, she hits all the ranges and she has both a smoothness and roughness to her approach that makes it more specialist in the genre. Chloe at Al will make you feel all the feels.”

3 | Chibundu    
“It’s quite something for a voice to stand front and centre and be enough. Chibundu’s singing range is quite something and more people should know about it. What a talent!”


At the Barrier

1 | Alex Kate
Summer Wagon
“Summer Wagon has a subdued energy that bursts out with a gentle punch, bearing gifts in the form of a hatful of hooks and earworms. Perfectly soothing summer sounds for open top cruising or unwinding in the sun.”

2 | Bethlehem Casuals
The Drink
“Here’s a song that’s simply great fun. The Drink is all cool bass, brass, bongos and cello… mesmerizing – like the garage has downed tools for lunch and the mechanics have decided to declare time for band practice.”

3 | Bug Teeth
“A one-person post-rock package. The experimentation inches from the birthing of chilled out sounds and spacey ambience which builds slowly into hypnotic textures and booming crescendos.  Emerging from underneath is an unanticipated vocal. An enthralling advert for sonic adventuring.”


Atomic Vox

“Your ears will immediately prick up at GLOWE’s ethereally soft vocals. This London-based artist’s ability to tell a story through her music is immaculate, and it’s clear that she’s got a glowing future ahead of her.”

2 | Foxglove
“This indie-pop band certainly has something special with their sparkling melodies and uplifting vocals. Foxglove would be the perfect feel-good band for a festival known for thriving on positivity and bringing people together.”

3 | Róisín McCarney
Sidelines“Making music that resonates so greatly with others is no mean feat and something which Róisín McCarney does with style. It’s clear that she’s inspired by previous great artists, such as Avril Lavigne, but with her own glittering personality mixed in.”


Cai Trefor Freelance

1 | Clay Pigeon Shooting
Vincent Van Pox
“I can’t imagine a room they play in that doesn’t get turned upside down by their frenzied sound. This is dark guitar music of stunning pedigree. This is Ireland’s next big thing.”

2 | Darktards
Junk Fuel
“London-based nu metal sorts Darktards are excellent with visual art. With an outfit made out of old junk food packaging and a guitar made out of an old shovel, they’re admirably going to great lengths to stand out: and it works.”

3 | Dactyl Terra
Tsunami Go!
“It’s the tone of the guitars and synths alongside their ability to build to a frenetic release after holding a steady groove that’s appealing. Their take on psychedelic rock is one borne out of free-spirited jams and improv, conjuring up a charming retro scene.”


Charlie Ashcroft Freelance

1 | Delilah Bon
Chop Dicks
“Delilah Bon is clearly an absolute tour de force. A massive, hard-to-pigeonhole collision of punk and hip-hop, with vitally important messages throughout.”

2 | Ebi Soda
“Ebi Soda is a very talented artist and multi-instrumentalist, whose enticing, atmospheric mix of jazz and electronica manages to feel both innovative and timeless.”

3 | Edie Bens
Don’t Love You Anymore
“Not only is Edie obviously a great songwriter, but she’s also an excellent storyteller. She’s a natural performer, with an ever-growing catalogue of songs which will hook you in from the off.”


Crack Magazine

1 | sbk
Nothing Lasts Forever
“sbk’s debut mixtape, Nothing Lasts Forever, made good on this promise, revealing an artist able to hold his own among the genre’s elite. Bringing vulnerability to unflinching stories of struggles overcome, and with an uncompromising, distinct flow, sbk is the real deal.”

2 | moleface
nothin’ compares
“Moleface isn’t afraid to get weird. This is 21st century pop-as-catharsis. Walking the line between stadium-sized rock ballads and the lacerating confessionalism of emo rap, Moleface both feels distinctly of the moment and outside of it. “Moleface is not from Earth,” runs his bio – and you sort of believe it.”

3 | Ellis Evason
“Ellis Evason’s talent and voice belie his years. That voice – weary, soulful at times – is the perfect foil for the loping, hip-hop production that often underpins his sound. There’s been a recent boom in artists striving to blend confessional songwriting with the style and wit of UK rap but few do it as well as Evason.”


Devil has the Best Tuna

1 | Gen and the Degenerates
Girl God Gun
“Imbued with so much attitude, it reaches out from the speakers, grabs you by the throat and demands you listen. It’s everything you could wish for and more: energetic, aggressive, funny, witty & a charismatic singer you can’t take your eyes off.”

2 | fluff
Cistern Snax
“One man tornado fluff is proof that punk isn’t dead – it’s all being channelled through this lad. The astonishingly energetic Cistern Snax is belligerent, aggressive and raucous.”

Bop Through Ya Manor
“FFSYTHO, a rising star of the British grime scene, crackles and spits like a freshly lit firework. She’s got the attitude, she’s got the rhymes, she’s got the swagger, she’s got the flows. She’s the full rap package.”


Dots and Dashes

1 | Gus Tiramani
The Galaxy
“A coruscating, totally alluring combination of pastoral acoustic tones and simple drum machine feature on The Galaxy, but it’s Gus Tiramani’s honest voice which shone brightest and sent him straight through. One to watch.”

2 | Henry Grace
Can’t Be Your Lover
“The vocal swung this one. His songs are uncluttered and compelling, and sung exceedingly well without exception.”

3 | heka
a wall
“Hyper-contemporary production, without sounding either reactionary or zeitgeisty, everything that heka does sounds decidedly natural. It’s some form that Francesca Brierley finds herself in. And her live takes are, if quite different, equivalently impressive.”


Dummy Mag

1 | Jelly Cleaver
“Intense, electric and undeniably cool, Jelly Cleaver appears to be an inimitable force in the world of underground UK jazz. Commanding the stage with her angelic vocals and drawn out guitar solos, it all seems to come so naturally to her. Authenticity goes a long way in music and it doesn’t take long to work out Cleaver is for real.”

2 | Jaydonclover
But my sister
“Jaydonclover’s music sounds like a late night cruise around London. Her style fluctuates between moody melodies and cheeky spoken word, carving out soundscapes that are easy to become lost in as a listener. Artists that can float between genres with this much ease possess a certain edge over the rest of the field and Jaydon knows exactly how to strike this balance.”

3 | Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something
Big Bread
“The best bands out there bring something completely different – Jenna Freeman and the Cosmic Something do exactly that and then some. Hallucinogenic music videos paired with frantic, visceral live shows make this band impossible to take your eyes off.”


Fifty3 Musings on Music

1 | march
When We Get Old
“Everything about When We Get Old is so flawlessly formed and told; restrained, perfectly chosen instrumentation, dew soft vocals with deft harmonic touches, personal yet universal truths. A work of art in exactly three minutes.”

2 | Yemi Bolatiwa
“From its sombre opening strings transition into sunny guitar over playful drum ‘n’ bass, Water flows with marks of distinction coursing through it. Yemi Bolatiwa’s elegant voice combines innate soul with an airy undernote accentuated by subtle layering.”

3 | Dan Sealey
Yesterday Came
“If you ever need a masterclass in songwriting, this could be a great starting point. Oozing class on record and live, Dan Sealey wraps his reflections on the passage of time in beautiful, lilting musical constructions that work perfectly alongside his silky, easy-on-the-ear vocals.”


Gold Flake Paint

1 | Tony Njoku
“There’s so much depth here. From the soulfulness of the voice to the sparkling production, you can feel Njoku’s considered touch in every aspect of his work and it’s super-impressive.”

2 | Bleach Lab
If You Only Feel It Once
“Already feels fully formed and destined for big things. The quiet build of the track is beautiful, gently growing over more than 6 minutes.”

3 | India Shan
Don’t Wanna
“India’s voice hooked me in right away – soulful and full of personality – and it comes alive within the surprisingly subtle production that underlines it here. Great track.”


Laura Snoad Freelance

1 | Laura Greaves
“This massive earworm combines cheeky/creepy lyrics, a fun premise and slick production, not to mention an absolute banger of a chorus. This and the live version showcase Laura’s impressive vocal talent and confidence on stage. It’s been impossible to get out of my brain since first listen.”

“Contrasting upbeat guitar with a narrative of alienation may not be a new indie trope by any means, but Fred’s idiosyncratic delivery and offbeat storytelling adds a depth that stopped me in my tracks. His huge stage presence makes his live performance captivating, and I’m desperate to see more.”

3 | Noé Solange
Nocturnal Lady
“Effortlessly weaving vocal strands together, this creates a haze of texture that feels like taking a warm sonic bath. Her sense of melody, and the level of detail in her production creates a cocoon around her vocal without detracting from it. Live, she’s compelling and fun to watch – no mean feat for a solo electronic artist.”


Louder Than War

Shattered Faith
“You can’t stay still when VLURE start up. You might dance. You might hide behind the sofa. If you did hide behind the sofa, though, you’d keep peeping out to see what they do next. Heft, depth, gravitas, charisma and catchiness combined.”

2 | Cordelia Gartside
Stranger in the Water
“Proof that the voice can be one of the most powerful instruments out there. Distinctive, haunting and compelling vocal. The stillness that this song creates has a tense edge. Hit repeat for a quiet, introspective night in.”

3 | Pynch
Somebody Else
“With 90s gaming system synths, rumbling bass and deadpan lyrics, Pynch offer a textured, layered and infectious ramble through modern living. It’s a song about being mundanely ordinary which sounds anything but mundane or ordinary.”


Mark Higgins Freelance

1 | LVRA
“LVRA is a hugely exciting new artist – anxiety is a right old racket in the best sort of way. Huge crossover pop appeal too. Sounds like the future to me.”

2 | Low Hummer
The People This Place
“A lot of an energy and a lot to say from this gang. Chugs long at a fair old lick, melodic and harmonic with an edge, would recommend.”

3 | Lisabel
Flor de Louis
“Taking inspiration from the very best of disco with a summer feel that gives 2023. Shimmering production and perfectly pitched vocals make this a winner.”


Mark Muldoon Freelance

1 | Maruja
“Immediately making their alternative credentials thrillingly clear, you’re quickly thrown into fifth gear here, before the track grinds to a halt – swapping aggression for reflection – then, eventually, gradually, that rage builds back up, into a storming climax that’s ready to send any live audience into a beautiful frenzy, making Maruja really stand out.”

2 | Marie Naffah
“Every millimetre of this lavish production sells what Marie Naffah is offering … captivating songwriting … gorgeous, honeyed, low ‘n’ slow vocal performance on a track that was always begging to have a gospel choir thrown in.”

3 | Message from the Ravens
Jupiter’s Tears
“You’re taken on quite the ride here. Combining folk with heavier rock elements, pairing them with lyrics offering a forthright modern update on traditional English imagery.”


Music Liberation

1 | Nxdia
what’s it like
“On the surface it’s a feel good indie pop song, which is at perfect odds with the theme of isolation and wonder, hinting at some smart and thoughtful song-writing.”

2 | The Deep Blue
Yellow and Gold
“A mixture of synths and guitars, with group vocals coming in and out, this track exudes positivity, wonder and hope, floating between the decades of Fleetwood Mac and Haim.”

3 | Amber Burgoyne
Move with Me
“A breezy, retro-tinged track, full of the hopes of summer sun, coupled with a dynamic beat, saxophone, and smooth vocals bursting with an infectious energy throughout.”


Music like Dirt

1 | N’Famady Kouyaté
Balafô Douma
“Guinea meets Wales in an infectious explosion of energy and sound. The ten-piece band led by Kouyaté on his balafon (a wooden xylophone) mix traditional Guinean songs and instrumentation with a bit of Welsh, guitars, brass and fun!”

2 | Mystery Team
“As a huge fan of the punkier end of the Beasties catalogue, Mystery Team are manna from heaven – the MC’s rhyme while the guitars, keys, sax keep you nodding. If anything, even better live.”

3 | MOM & The Rebels
Down By The River
“Purveyors of what they call ‘Rebel pop’ – Irish folk and R’n’b. The interplay between Dejay’s deep bass and voice perfectly complements Lisa Canny’s brilliance on both banjo and vocals.”


Neon Filler

1 | ELLiS·D
Straitjacket Blues
“Intricate pop music ensure that Brighton’s ELLiS:D stood out through his excellent track. His music’s clever twists and turns draw the listener in and demand attention.”

2 | Immi Dash
Show Me
“A magic blend of great vocals and a distinct and original voice. Her wonderful track cemented my view that this competition may very well have unearthed a global star.”

3 | Goodvibes Sound
Stay For One More Night
“Many acts try to recreate that distinct clean pop sound of the 80s. Not all succeed, but Goodvibes Sound certainly do. From the first clean guitar sweep to the subtle funky bass and sweet vocals we are transported back to that decade. They are ready made to bring sunny pop and good vibes to a Glastonbury main stage.”



1 | Pem
Lullaby London
“Utterly mesmerising. Bewitching might be a better word. Each listen throws up a new favourite lyric in a new favourite song of mine. I’m bowled over.”

2 | Otala
Tell the Bees
“A sensational bit of chaos. Management getting it in the neck where they deserve it. Now we don’t need James Yorkston to form a punk band as we have much better with the mighty OTALA.”

3 | Official Shannon
Dress To Please
“SDGAF. Protest never sounded as soulful. Official Shannon is taking down the cat call. We are all here in harmony.”


Resonance FM

1 | Prima Queen
“Slightly raw mix of alternative rock with a reverberant, melodic lo-fi feel … but looking deeper into the discography that sound sits alongside a much wider and more diverse musicality evident across their growing discography.”

2 | Raz & Afla
Check Yourself
“I think the way this highly inventive electronic duo incorporate organic acoustic, vocal and percussive sounds into an otherwise primarily electronic set-up allows this and other tracks to keep flourishing and developing musically despite their fast tempo and steady rhythmic pacing. The result is a fascinating take on Afro House that is all at once electronic and organic as well as joyful, frenetic and timeless and rewarding to the repeat listener.”

3 | Pleasure Centre
“I really enjoyed this very accomplished and well-crafted arrangement of post-rock, indie, post-punk, metal, spoken word, noise and cinematic elements. The sounds are grandiose, dramatic and heavily-stylised.”


Rhys Buchanan Freelance

1 | She’s In Parties
“An invigorating blend of dream-pop capable of triggering all the senses.”

2 | Siobhán Winifred
Black Hole
“Stunning bedroom pop that evokes Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers.”

3 | Ruth Lyon
“A refreshing slice of leftfield alt-pop that’s full of heart.”



1 | Naomi Kimpenu
“A straight up incredible talent. Her voice is simply stunning and her captivating performance is definitely something I could see silencing an audience with awe. Her live Abbey Road performance instantly had me locked in.”

2 | Liv East
So Badly
“Love Liv East! She has been grafting for years and I definitely feel this competition would help Liv further develop her vision.”

“This is wicked. There is a kind of standalone alt pop energy here that I love… and the combination of the vocals with the hip hop/trap production.”


Sim Rollison Freelance

1 | Viddy
Weekend Girlfriend
“A great slice of alt pop from a band with a lot of potential. You can hear musical references throughout but it’s still very much their own creation. Excited to hear what they do next.”

2 | Ashleigh Bankx
Right Move
“This is a single that could have gone the distance – it could easily punch its own weight on key UK radio and streaming playlists. A confident performer who I’m sure will go far.”

3 | Malenka
Pain Makes You Present
“A beautifully written song from a really strong singer. Shades of Lana Del Rey in her voice and tone. One to watch.”


The Close Encounter Club

1 | Sugarthief
Good Luck I Hope You Make It
“Cut this track in half and it bleeds festival atmosphere. It has just as much potential to soundtrack kicking back and nursing a warm cider on a hungover morning at Worthy Farm as it does with the sun setting and arms round mates during a mass crowd sing-a-long.”

2 | Sunkissed Child
Monday Grind
“The vocals on this track just radiate warmth and sunshine. This paired with the funk and jazz influences throughout the song make a smooth, saccharine and summery listening experience, and something that I’d love to see live.”

3 | The Big Day
Fashion Statement
“The infectious riffs and buoyant nature of this track lend itself to a festival crowd instantaneously. Featuring plenty of twists and turns both instrumentally and vocally it’s a joyous sonic journey that encapsulates youthful exuberance.”


The House of Coxhead

1 | EVA
The Snow
“EVA is a raw talent with real drive and passion in everything she does. Really exciting that someone like this is so invested in dance music early in their career. One to watch for me.”

2 | Nina Cobham
Self Care
“Nina has a beautiful voice, and the way she weaves between English & Spanish is unique. Loved her live performance. Excited to see what music she has in the works.”

Running on a Flame
“Big fan of what Neue Grafik does, and everything he stands for. The whole band have an amazing energy and are great live performers. Would be amazing at Glastonbury.”



1 | Neve
Under the Green
“That deep, silky, country lilt had me wrapped around Neve Spencer Möller’s finger from the word go. Under The Green feels like a dear old friend – like a song you’ve somehow always known unearthed from a long-lost vault of Laurel Canyon treasures. It’s effortlessly addictive, wonderfully warm, and impossible to stop playing.

2 | Glass Beams
“Glass Beam’s winding psychedelic rhythms, barely-there vocal harmonies and complex instrumental layers create such a wonderfully rich texture. The deep grooves and woozy melodies of Taurus wormed their way inside my head almost immediately, and their incredibly slick live performance had me wishing I was in the audience.”

3 | Sophia Veraz
Social Battery
“Sophia Veraz contains multitudes. There is this young, deliciously nervous voice that reflects modern teenage anxieties but then there is also this fiery force of nature that struts in on a wave of loud guitars.  Social Battery is unabashedly modern, ridiculously catchy and, honestly, just such a perfectly put-together pop song.”


THE LINE OF BEST FIT (Paul Bridgewater)

1 | The Luka State
More Than This
“They are just fully realised and making a rock sound that feels like it really connects to an audience, urgent, emotionally affecting songwriting at its heart.”

2 | The Love Buzz
“Chic scuzzy indie with all the right reference points and effortless dirty chic. So fun!”

3 | The Katuns
“Among the hundreds of band doing their own thing on a classic indie band sound, The Katsuns stand out with their execution: fun, energetic and full of the kind of swagger all young bands should have.”


Too Many Blogs

1 | Vernon Jane
Daddy Issues
“Perhaps the biggest curveball from the list and one I can’t stop reprising. Combines anarchic musicality with magnificent vocal range. A multi-hyphenate genre approach sees them collide intensity, with emotionality, whilst toying with experimentalism. A behemoth of potential.”

2 | Tsatsamis
Good Time
“Undeniable and immediate electro-pop. A triple threat of dance floor filling electronics, headily impressive vocality, and neat production work. I challenge any listener not to fall immediately under their influence.”

3 | tummyache
Aiding & Abetting
“A smorgasbord of arthouse indie-rock references. Flawless and accomplished production that frames emotionally unfettered vocals backed up by guitar sounds.”


Under the Radar

1 | Spyres
“Very, very good indie rock that sounds assured, polished and ready for a big event like Glastonbury. Stands out head and shoulders above most if not all.”

2 | HMS Morris
Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol (Welsh for ‘International Students’)
“Myrfrwyr Rhynglwadol sounds like 3 songs in one. Strong contenders!”

3 | Winter Gardens
“One of the standout entrants this year and almost certainly good enough for this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Highly accomplished dreampop with elements of post punk and shoegaze.”

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