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June 18, 2009

Each of the finalists from our 2009 Emerging Talent Competition will be performing at this year’s Festival. Ahead of their trip down to Somerset, we’ve asked them to write a blog telling us about their experience of the competition and their plans for the Festival. Our fifth blog is from jazzy songstress Charlene Soraia

Wow… well.. erm…Things are going really well, which is nice! I’ve been on three back-to-back tours this year as well as the Glastonbury competition, so things have been pretty full on! After Glastonbury I’m going straight into recording my album – after one of those "post-Glastonbury baths" of course! You know the type… Where you have to refill it a few times… and that’s after you’ve showered off the top layer that you thought was a tan… but was really some of the finest mud England has to offer! (and only offers it up on the weekend Glastonbury Festival falls on- like some kinda ritual)

I entered the competition last year and re-entered this year. Apparently noone has got through twice, but I wasn’t expecting to win… As long as I got to the Festival – that’s all I wanted!! When I turned up to Glastonbury town on the night of the finals… checked into the George and Pilgrim hotel… got given the key to my room… BUT IT WAS THE WRONG ROOM!!  I walked in on two people… doing fuzzy tingle time things! I didn’t see… too much… but erm… yeah… *ouch? you couldn’t do that easily in a tent!*

Anyho… I can’t wait for the Festival this year.. last year I played a hell of a lot of shows and this year I’m only doing a handful of small stage things… After touring for most of the year, Glastonbury is looking more like a holiday to me then anything else! I’m praying for the sunshine!

A good Glastonbury would be a nice "close" to the 6 months of intense gigging and hopefully I’ll chill out my core to start recording the album in July! Though let’s face it… We’ll probably all be worn out by the end… I don’t think it’s possible not to be exhausted after doing a Glastonbury!

Sleep Goodly x x x . . .

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