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June 19, 2009

Each of the finalists from our 2009 Emerging Talent Competition will be performing at this year’s Festival. Ahead of their trip down to Somerset, we’ve asked them to write a blog telling us about their experience of the competition and their plans for the Festival. Our sixth blog is from rave-rappers Sub-Universe.

It was Dreams who entered us, the rest of us didn’t really remember him even doing it, so when we were told we were in the final we were pretty chuffed. To be picked from thousands of bands is definitely an achievement, especially as we were the only MC/rap group in the running. The night went really well, and we enjoyed the other bands there, especially the winners We Have Band, they were on top form!

We’re well excited about playing at the Festival. Us 4 have never been before but we can’t wait! Actually, though, we saw Jay-Z and Amy Winehouse at Glasto on TV last year, does that count? As for camping.. Sub-U aren’t hippies!!…(joking!). Camping looks like fun but we’ll be driving in from Bristol most days. Let’s hope the Glasto family will have a good time and enjoy our set, how ever it goes we are just gonna go nuts on stage and enjoy ourselves! Maybe we should have be practicing our crowd surfing/stage diving technique?

As for the future, we hope that more and more people will hear our music and eventually we’ll be able to make music for a living. That’s the goal. Our latest release, the Computer Game EP is now on iTunes, which we’re very happy with. We’ve had lots of people saying how much they love the song ‘Computer Game’ so we’re quite proud at the mo. Radio 1’s Huw Stephens also played one of our tracks on his show!! (Big grin!) We’ve always believed in our songs and our unique sound, so we’re pleased to see the amount of exposure and progress we’ve made without any management deals and stuff like that. We would love to be signed and well promoted though!!! We’ll always write catchy songs. It would be cool to tour the world too. We’ve heard that Brazillian girls are quite nice ;)….

Since entering the Emerging Talent Comp, we’re millionnaires now. We even cancelled our X Factor auditions, which Juva wasn’t happy about. Lol, on a real though, many thanks to Q Magazine and the Glastonbury team – see you lot down there!

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