Glastonbury mud proven to have healing properties

April 1, 2009

This morning, the results of extensive research from the World Health Alternatives Taskforce have been published, which prove that Glastonbury Festival mud has healing properties. “We have found that the mud from the Festival site is packed with highly unusual levels of vitamins, nutrients and vibes,” explains Dr Josephine King from WHAT. “In our tests, even brief exposure to the mud led to significant increases in both contentment and health. For instance, one test case who reported having a slight cold told us that it had gone within two weeks of his exposure to the mud. Amazing!”

WHAT now hope to partner with the Festival to launch a range of health and beauty products made from the mud, including Glastonbury Mud Bubble Bath and Glastonbury Mud Soap-on-a-rope. It’s hoped that these products will be launched by April 1st 2010.

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