Great Big Green Ideas 2009 launches

May 6, 2009

Green advice website is launching another GREAT BIG GREEN IDEAS competition for festival fans to suggest new ideas to promote environmental friendliness at festivals and get events greener, with partners VirtualFestivals and the Big Issue. The first competition in 2008 produced some really good ideas – from banning sauce sachets (what’s wrong with a refillable bottle?!); to promoting green travel like coaches and cycling; to using bio-digesters to reduce waste – and was a smash hit with festival organisers who have started to adopt many of the ideas sent in. This year’s best ideas will be published on AGreenerFestival’s website and the ultimate winner will receive a goodie bag crammed full of CDs, DVDs and exclusive festival merchandise from a number of supportive festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude, Leeds, Reading and T-in-the-Park.

Agreenerfestivals co-founder Ben Challis explained that, “Some of the very best ideas that improve festivals come from fans and it’s time we ask people who go to events how they want to get greener. It’s still fairly shocking to see just how many tents are abandoned at festivals and these, along with festival-goers’ carbon footprints from travel are just two of the things we want everyone to think about. Sometimes really simple ideas are the best, so any ideas on reducing waste, recycling and preventing pollution would be really welcome.”

Great Big Green Idea should be emailed to (in English please) before the closing date of midnight on Monday the 25th May 2009.

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