"It’s a great accolade to have"

January 25, 2014

Last year’s Emerging Talent Competition Winners were the wonderful Bridie Jackson and the Arbour. We asked Bridie to tell us a bit more about the band’s experience. If it inspires you, your act can enter the 2014 competition here (until Monday 27 January at 5pm).

How did you hear about the 2013 Emerging Talent Competition?
I think we’d always been aware of the competition, as there’s so much buzz about it in the music scene generally.

Did you immediately decide to enter?

It was actually our cellist Jenny who decided to enter us, the day before she went on holiday. It was on a bit of a whim I think.

Were you hopeful of doing well?
Not at all. In fact, Jen didn’t even mention for a while that she had entered us!

Then you heard the news that you were on the longlist?
Yes, that was amazing! We’d actually just been to a meeting in Berwick when it was announced, and we started whooping and squealing in the street!

So you must have been quite excited to hear you’d made it through to the live finals?
Yep. Then we found out the finals were the same day as my 30th birthday so that made it even more exciting!

How was the experience of doing the live finals? 

We had a wonderful time and the Glasto Emerging team were so lovely; They made it feel more like a party than a competition! More than anything else, we really enjoyed listening to and meeting the other bands.

And it must have been quite incredible to win?
Totally surreal. I actually fell over, X Factor style when it was announced! (Although that might have been partly down to the cider)

Of course your prize was a slot at Glastonbury 2013. How was that?
Well, it was alright I suppose… Yep, it was amazing!

Has winning the competition helped the band?
Yes, definitely. Not just the actual festival appearance, but the ripple effect too. It’s also really helped grow our national profile and it’s a great accolade to have.

So presumably you’d recommend that others enter the 2014 competition?
Absolutely. Just do it!

Finally, what’s coming up next for Bridie Jackson and the Arbour?
We have a new album coming out and our first UK tour in April (details coming soon on our website!) and hopefully lots of festivals this summer.

For more information on Bridie Jackson and the Arbour, head to bridiejackson.com.


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