Our reusable steel cups are back for Glastonbury 2017

June 8, 2017

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We’re delighted to confirm that our sustainable, recycled stainless steel pint cups are back for this year’s Festival – and they’re now available from more than half of the bars.

Whenever you see a ‘steel cup’ sign you’ll be able to exchange your cup. We recycle our paper cups but having something you can reuse for life is much better. You don’t even have to buy a steel cup, you can pay the £5 deposit when you first pick one up, use it for the whole Festival, then return it for a full refund at the Information Points! Or you can choose to take it home and continue to use it.

The stainless pint cups are the first of their kind and are made of food grade 80 per cent recycled British stainless steel.

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