Site snaps: A polar bear on a crane

June 25, 2013

Here are Jason Bryant’s photos from the site today, as the Festival prepares to open its gates.
   photo gf211_zps7eda802b.jpg photo gf205_zpsf1a8ffe4.jpg photo gf191_zps0a2874d3.jpg photo gf166_zpsa19160fc.jpg photo gf147_zpsdd4ef533.jpg photo GF134_zps8a7bbdaf.jpg photo GF133_zps9ad225da.jpg photo GF127_zps2cd98fec.jpg photo GF128_zpsa4455c1e.jpg photo GF080_zpsc087852c.jpg photo gf073_zpsa6de4956.jpg photo GF060_zps794462dc.jpg photo gf106_zps1c4da268.jpg


 photo gf212_zps038ddbaa.jpg

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