The result of the flag poll…

February 7, 2010

As you might remember, last week we posted a poll to see what you folks thought about the subject of banning flags in front of the Pyramid stage. Well, the poll closed at 3pm today, and the final result is as follows (we have filtered out all duplicate votes).

– No, keep the flags (7269 votes) – 55%
– Yes, ban the flags (5909 votes) – 45%

So, it’s a narrow win for "keeping". Big thanks to everyone for taking part. As well as the result itself, it’s been really useful to get an idea of the passion this debate raises among festival-goers, by reading your comments across the web. We’re also amazed by the list of countries you folks have voted from. It is as follows:

If our counting is correct, that’s 71 different countries!

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