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May 4, 2010

The Village Screen is back at Glastonbury for a second year and they’re looking for films to show on their giant screens.

Part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the Village Screen will be broadcasting a programme of great short films and animations, interactive games, live feeds and highlights of the BBC’s coverage. It’ll be on air Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 03.00am, 17 hours every day!

As part of the programme they’re looking for a mix of inspiring, funny, original and challenging films made by people attending this year’s Festival.

So, if you’ve made a film during the last year and you want to share it with the Festival audience bring a copy to us at the Village Screen. You’ll find them at the Meeting Point, next to the Information tent and opposite the Queen’s Head. 

Films on any subject and in any genre will be considered but they particularly welcome:

– Films from recent graduates of film or media schools;
– Films that mark the 40th Anniversary of Glastonbury Festival, including archive footage from past festivals;
– Films that reflect the Olympic Values of Friendship, Courage, Determination, Excellence, Equality, Respect, Inspiration; and
– Films that reflect the five themes of sustainability: Biodiversity , Climate Change, Healthy Living, Inclusion, Waste.

They advise that because of the ambient noise on site, films with a strong visual narrative, as opposed to those reliant on dialogue to tell the story, work better on the Village Screens. They can’t guarantee to show everything (full guidelines are below) but they will try to show as many of your films as is possible every evening between 7.00 and 8.00pm (or in the “After Dark” slot if your film is better suited to an adult audience).

Terms & Conditions of the Open Call for Short Films

– Films should be submitted in DVD format to the Village Screen control tent (at the Meeting Point) together with a completed submissions/ permissions form (downloadable here) before 11.00am on Sunday 27th June (films submitted after this time cannot be considered for screening);
– The Village Screen project cannot take responsibility for films lost or damaged on site and recommends that “master copies” should not be brought to the festival under any circumstances;
– The Village Screen project cannot commit to returning DVDs to you after showing, if you want your film back please come and collect it from the Village Screen control tent;
– The Village Screen project cannot show films that overtly promote commercial branding within the body of the film and, under no account, can show the names, brands or logos of commercial sponsors in the title sequences of your films;
– Films with content considered by the Village Screen organisers to be offensive, pornographic, exploitative or otherwise inappropriate will not be shown.




SALES DISTRIBUTOR (if any)      



SYNOPSIS (max. 50 words)      
Please read and sign the following declaration

I have the authority to submit the above film to be included in the Village Screen programme at the Glastonbury Festival (23-27 June 2010). I can confirm that all music used in the film has been cleared for use.  I can confirm that the participants have signed appropriate clearance forms.

I would like this submission to be considered for the UK-wide Live Site programme* and give my permission for it to be shown if selected (please tick) ☐

I understand that the Village Screen project can take no responsibility for lost or damaged content and that “masters” should not be submitted under any circumstances.  The Village Screen project cannot commit to returning DVDs but will try to ensure that fimmakers, whose work is accepted for screening, are informed.

*the BBC operated big screens in city and town centres across the UK

Signed: ……………………………………………………..

Print name:………….………………………………………………


Please bring a copy of this form, completed and signed, with your film to the Village Screen control tent  at the Meeting Point before 11.00am on Sunday 27th June

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