Theatre & Circus back with an incredible 2019 line-up

April 30, 2019

Our amazing Theatre and Circus area is back for 2019: three beautiful fields of wonder, filled with dazzling entertainment and amazing spectacle, set right in the heart of the festival. With nearly 400 acts presenting 1,500 shows, you can be certain there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Highlights include: the UK premiere of award-winning Australian troupe, Yuck Circus. Don’t be put off by the name, there is nothing disgusting about this powerhouse of female circus performers who kick art in the face and rip into the uncomfortable. High-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions and some very groovy dance routines. Fans will be flocking to see itinerant and satirical news reporter, Jonathan Pie treading the boards in the Astrolabe Theatre.

Comedy fans will be pleased to hear that Nish Kumar has the dates in his diary and his tent packed and ready, and BAFTA award winning ventriloquist Nina Conti is planning a triumphant return to the Cabaret stage. Making his Glastonbury debut is image conscious comedian Paul Foot, as well as Australia’s greatest comedy export, Puppetry of the Penis, which comes with the health warning ‘contains nuts!’.

Back in the Circus Big Top, they’ll present ‘As a Tiger in the Jungle’ produced by ex No Fit State Circus founder Ali Williams and Norway’s Cirkus Xanti. This haunting show explores first-hand the trafficking of Nepalese children into a life of slavery at the hands of unscrupulous Indian Circuses. Having made its debut at Glastonbury, Circus of Horrors returns with a show packed full of bizarre, beautiful and downright dangerous circus acts.

Lovers of the spoken word will enjoy the festival premier of Lemn Sissay, who will be reading from his latest collection, Gold from the Stone, in the Poetry & Words tent, alongside other luminaries including John Hegley and Joe Sellman-Leava.

Even if you don’t make it in to any of the tented venues, there is still so much to see and do at Theatre and Circus, like the thrill of having a go on the flying trapeze, popping up to our viewing platform, Tor View Lookout, for a unique perspective on the festival and the iconic Glastonbury Tor in the distance, or just take the weight off your feet and enjoy some of the many strolling performances that Theatre and Circus are famous for.

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