Theatrical tea and cake in Bella’s Field

June 21, 2009

Chol Theatre’s interactive Edwardian tea party Not for All the Tea in China is heading to the Festival this year. The outdoor production will be performed in Bella’s Field in the Theatre & Circus area from Friday 26th until Sunday 28th June, with three shows per day.

This elegant Edwardian tea party is set in the year 1908, on the stately home of the Ogilvy-Smythe family to celebrate the recent successes of the 1908 British Olympic team.

The audience are seated around a table and served tea by a cast of anxious young servants, under the watchful eye of butler Mr. Perseverance Webb, and provided with a selection of cakes from the loud and boisterous house maid, Nuala. A rather unusual and rowdy guest is also there who insists on banging loudly on his bongo, slurping his tea and challenging Mr. Webb at every opportunity.

Conversation topics arise ranging from etiquette and Edwardian culture to worker’s rights and the power of ‘The Empire’.

Director Andrew Loretto says, “It really is a production with a difference because the audience become part of the show and, if they wish, can interact with the characters as the cast serve them tea and cake. It’s certainly much more than you’d expect to get from your ordinary cuppa! I can’t wait to see our tea party in the middle of a field in Glastonbury: big dresses, white linen and wellies; great!”

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