Three new late-night areas announced!

May 28, 2010

The eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed that there are three new areas on this year’s Fine Guide map. We’re now very pleased to be able to give you full details of these fantastic additions to Glastonbury’s late-night landscape. Say hello to Block9, The Common and The Unfair Ground.

“We were really keen to expand the number of late-night venues, because they were so busy last year and we wanted to give people more choice,” Emily Eavis told us. “I think with these new additions – plus existing areas like Shangri-La and Arcadia – it’s fair to say that late-night at Glastonbury will never have been better!”

Here’s the lowdown on the three new areas:

After the success of their acclaimed NYC Downlow, radical set designers Block9 are back. The crowning glory of the Block9 field is the brand new London Underground. A sinister, decaying tower block with a blazing tube train bursting from the top, this towering venue showcases the cream of London’s sound system underground. Plus, there will be disco, soul, funk and porn moustaches in the NYC Downlow and live bands and debauchery in DogFacedGeisha. Come and explore their wonderland of incredible creations and serious sound systems from sunset to sunrise. Click for more info.

The Common
The Common is home to bustling music venues, urban circus, late night bars, and a range of intimate sideshows.  Watch performers on vintage Indian motorcycles at Ken Fox’s incredible Wall of Death; expect the amazing, unusual, wicked sick, sorted, dirty and LARGE at Bassline Circus: rave to 360 degree visuals in The Igloo; grab a decapitated head at Hook-A-Head! to win a prize; and visit The Old Curiosity Shop to feast your eyes on bizarre artefacts and wondrous curios. Click for more info.

The Unfair Ground
Join Glastonbury legends the Mutoid Waste Co. at their party at the end of the world, featuring their latest sculptural lunacy: The Hellcopter, the nightclub of your wildest nightmares in the form of a Royal Navy helicopter crossed with a preying mantis. The brave can take a stroll down Sam Haggerty’s Joker’s Sideshow Alley or indulge in the hedonistic delights of The Acid House hosted by Bez. You can also prop up the bar at the Apocalypse Hotel, get down with the robots in Reverend Sharky’s Church Of The Holyroller, and check out underground art in the MuTate Britain tent. Or join the lovely Strummerville people around their campfire. Click for more info.

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