Trader Tales 2015

June 28, 2015

Husband and wife team, Chris and Andrea first conceived Chapati Man after taking their curry-filled wraps to work. Back trading at Glastonbury for their ninth year, they’ll once again be sharing their authentic curry recipies – still made by Chris’ mother, Martha – with the fun-loving masses. Check out their website here.

Sunday. Chapati Man sells out!


We sold out of booming chapatis by 9pm! Many booming thanks to all of our customers – ‎we love you all! Your support is truly appreciated.

The CM team then went to see the Chemical Brothers – wow, what a quality set! Have seen them plenty of times before but they just keep better and better.

Finally just to say it’s been a privilege writing this blog. Chapati Man can’t wait to come back next year – Chapati Man boomers! Everyone have a safe trip back.

Saturday. The Maccabees boom Glasto!

Another busy day for the Chapati Man team. Our chicken saag and masala chicken were absolutely flying out! Completely sold out on both of these fillings!

Chairman Chapati, Lady Chapati, Baby Chapati, Godfather ‎Mackay and Hanky Panky Hangster made it out for The Maccabees – they boom out Marks to Prove It and Pelican and the crowd go wild! Jamie T performing with them was awesome! The CM team giving it large – some booming dance moves!!!

We shut up shop at 2.30am. Starting to feel the pace now but with only a day to go you just have to push on through. All booming fun at the end of the day!

Friday. Party Boom on the unit!


Another booming day for the CM team! The rain came but the spirits (!!!) were high! The Chairman and Godfather Mackay went to see the The Charlatans secret gig. It was heaving down on The Other Stage. It’s about the 20th time the Chairman has seen them, as they are booming quality – Spronson Green to finish the set sends shivers down your spine!

As it got late, George the Horse and booming mates came to the unit (along with Mexican George and Matthew from door – booming folk!). Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence kept booming out. We were dancing for hours – what a track! Chairman Chapati was playing it again and again…

The team are feeling the pace now, but we will stay loyal to the end!

See you tomorrow CM boomers!

Thursday: Chicken Saag boom!


Another booming day for team Chapati Man! The sun boomed down, the chapatis were booming out, the CM team were flat out and the chilli challenge was legendary!

The famous George the Horse came by and said hello – we fed him accordingly!!! We love the horsey crew – true Glasto friends and legends!!!

Our award winning Chicken Saag was flying out, closely followed by our booming masala chicken!

Can’t believe we have bee‎n here for almost five days – time flies when you are booming the chapatis!

Take care and see you tomorrow! Time for a rum…..!

Wednesday. The chapatis have started booming out!

The Chapati day started steady eddy – the team was fresh and feeling ready to boom! Punters started strolling in – looking tired but all looking ready for the Glasto boom!


With prepping all done, curries were being heated and we were all ready to boom by 10am. Our award-winning Chicken Saag was looking delicious ‎and Captain Dogeye’s freshly chopped green chillies were looking hot!

The weather was perfect – sunny, warm and boom! The first beer kicked-off at midday and the rum soon followed – nice bit of lime added too! Come 5pm trade started to really kicking off. The team shifts rotate but Chairman Chapati stays on – he loves the 18 hour shifts! We traded until 4.30 am – chairman and his trusted side-kick, Godfather Mackay – and the chapatis kept on booming out!

Special thanks to my son, Baby Chapati, aka Cassius. Sterling work on the till at five years of age, charging 50 quid a wrap. Clearly, I have trained him well! Boom!

Bring on Thursday…..and the rum!


Tuesday. Tomato Boom Time!

The Chapati Man team awoke to booming blue and sunny skies – what great weather to start the vast amount of prepping my team had to carry out.


The team started the day by chopping an estimated 750 tomatoes (bear in mind this is all manual labour – no fancy machinery here!). That was swiftly followed with the dicing of 500 cucumbers! Poor old Captain Dogeye is still in the process of blending the booming hot Kenyan chillies. He reckons he had to get through 6000 of these little bad boys – perfect for the Chapati Man chilli challenge! Last year we had a loyal customer who wanted more and more chillies in his chapati – we of course obliged but failed to see him for a few good days after!

Prepping was complete by 7pm – a hard day of graft but all worthwhile! The team were awarded with a few glasses of bubbly to say cheers to their hard work and to toast the fun and games to come.


We finished the night with a stroll down to the Pyramid stage. It was great just standing there, looking up whilst it was still quiet. Memories came flooding back from the once-in-the-lifetime gigs by Blur in 2009 and The Verve in 2008  – Chairman Chapati was backstage for this epic set and will never forget it!

See you tomorrow Chapati Man boomers!

Monday. Here we go!

Our Chapati Man team check-out of a grey and miserable North London at 5am. Our’s is a true family affair and my team consists of my wife Andrea, aka Lady Chapati, our five year-old son, Cassius, aka Baby Chapati – already a Glastonbury veteran, this being his fourth Glasto – Godfather Mackay, Nephew Joseph (aka Dave Grohl), Captain Dogeye (he can roll chapatis with his eyes closed), Muscle Man Farouk and the Hanky Panky Hangster! It’s a booming team and I can sense everyone’s excitement even this early in morning!


It’s an easy journey in but rains all the way. Its our ninth time trading at this beautiful festival but me, Lady Chapati and Godfather Mackay partied here as punters the previous nine years, so these fields are a spiritual home of sorts. Then we reach the gates; the rain stops, the sun comes out and blue skies mark our entrance – booming stuff. Let the work commence!

We begin by greeting our booming neighbours – Mexican George, the lovely folk on the Charity bus and the 24-hour charity cafe. We have known these boomers for years and all get on boomingly well! Love thy neighbour!

Then it’s down to the grafting. Setting the Chapati Man unit, pitching our array of tents and awnings, setting up the electrics and organising our fridge unit. We’re all done and dusted by 5pm so it’s time to settle down for a BBQ cooked by Captain Dogeye, a few deserved beers and shots of sambookas! A stroll up to the Stone Circle finishes off our night – it’s booming to be back!


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