Trash city line-up / human pinball

June 23, 2009

We haven’t yet had a chance to tell you about a couple of terrific things happening at the wonderful Trash City this year. First up, they’re creating the Biggest Pinball Game on Earth. The table will be a fully functioning pinball game, but one so large that the public will be able to walk around freely on the stage, through the dance floor and by the bar, all housed within the walls of the table.

They’ve also just announced a very impressive line-up for the Dragstrip venue, which looks a little like this:

Fri – Rockin’
4.30-6am Nik Diezel
3-4.30am Steve Bedlam
2.15-3am Eagles of Death Metal
1.15-1.45am Hooligan Night
12.00-12.45am Toy Toy
10.45-11.30pm Warlords of Pex
9-10.30pm Mark & Copper Dollar

Sat – Bangin’
4.30-6am Miss Pink
3-4.30am Eddie Temple-Morris
2.15-3am Ebony Bones
1.15-1.45am Selfish C*nt
12-12.45am Hooligan Night
10.45-11.30pm Bishi
9-10.30pm OAP

Sun – SPoOKY
3.45-5am Gaz Mayall
2.25-3.45am Mark & Copperdollar
1.40-2.25am Chrome Hoof
12.30-1.15am Urban Voodoo Machine
11.20-12.05pm Soho Dolls
10.10-10.55pm My Toys Like Me
9-9.45pm Last Man Standing
8-9pm Lucifer Box

Make sure you head over there at some point. You’ll be missing out if you don’t.

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