"We would like to pledge our continued support for Oxfam"

February 16, 2018

Here at Glastonbury Festival, we have been deeply committed supporters of Oxfam since 1993. Like everyone else, we’ve been horrified at the reports in the news. Oxfam assure us they are continuing to take action to ensure a vigorous safeguarding plan for the future.

But let us not forget that abuse of power is a wider issue in society.

So we would like to pledge our continued support for Oxfam, and the brave and vital work which it undertakes. I have been to Haiti, and talked with people in remote communities where Oxfam is a lifeline. Oxfam do outstanding work all over the world and we firmly believe that the good does still far outweigh the appalling behaviour of the few whose actions have caused such harm.

We will continue to support Oxfam’s incredible work for many more years to come.

Emily Eavis

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