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June 22, 2017

thur fri sat sun

A collection of photos from the hot-but-glorious first day of the 2017 Festival!

15-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0400Photo: Andrew Allcock

18-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4694Photo: Andrew Allcock


9-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0062 Photo: Andrew Allcock

16-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4636 Photo: Andrew Allcock

17-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0566 Photo: Andrew Allcock

19-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0570Photo: Andrew Allcock

14-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0326Photo: Andrew Allcock

12-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0119Photo: Andrew Allcock

13-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4562Photo: Andrew Allcock

11-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0093Photo: Andrew Allcock

10-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0075Photo: Andrew Allcock

7-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4493 Photo: Andrew Allcock

8-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4518 Photo: Andrew Allcock

6-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4478Photo: Andrew Allcock

5-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0028Photo: Andrew Allcock

4-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0023Photo: Andrew Allcock

3-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-0006Photo: Andrew Allcock

2-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-9947Photo: Andrew Allcock

1-Glastofest17-AndrewAllcock-170621-4414Photo: Andrew Allcock

cg_wed8Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed6Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed5Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed4Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed1 Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed2 Photo: Charles Gervais

cg_wed3Photo: Charles Gervais

16Photo: Tom Widd

01 Photo: Tom Widd

02 Photo: Tom Widd

03 Photo: Tom Widd

04 Photo: Tom Widd

05 Photo: Tom Widd

06 Photo: Tom Widd

07 Photo: Tom Widd

08 Photo: Tom Widd

10 Photo: Tom Widd

12 Photo: Tom Widd

13 Photo: Tom Widd

14 Photo: Tom Widd

15Photo: Tom Widd

w110 Photo: Jason Bryant

w160 Photo: Jason Bryant

w180 Photo: Jason Bryant

w987 Photo: Jason Bryant

w999Photo: Jason Bryant

apex002Photo: Jason Bryant

apex004 Photo: Jason Bryant

apex013 Photo: Jason Bryant

apex015 Photo: Jason Bryant

gf502 Photo: Jason Bryant

M007 Photo: Jason Bryant

M030 Photo: Jason Bryant

M044 Photo: Jason Bryant

M060 Photo: Jason Bryant

M098Photo: Jason Bryant

Wednesday_Festival_12Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_9 Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_10 Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_11Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_1 Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_2 Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_3 Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_5Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_6Photo: Anna Barclay

Wednesday_Festival_7Photo: Anna Barclay

Day 1, Glastonbury Festival 2017 Photo: Florence Beasley

Day 1, Glastonbury Festival 2017 Photo: Florence Beasley

Day 1, Glastonbury Festival 2017 Photo: Florence Beasley

Day 1, Glastonbury Festival 2017Photo: Florence Beasley

thur fri sat sun

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