Barnardo’s given temporary use of Glastonbury office

December 20, 2011

As there will be no Glastonbury Festival in 2012, Michael Eavis has agreed to let Barnardo’s South West have temporary use of the Festival’s office in Glastonbury during the fallow year.

Michael Eavis says: "We are very pleased to be able to offer the Glastonbury Festival Office premises to Barnardos for the wonderful work they do in this country."

Heather Colbeck, South West Director (Children’s Services) Barnardo’s says: “Barnardo’s is extremely grateful to Michael and his team, for helping us with a base here in the town of Glastonbury, from which we can effectively co-ordinate our work to support families across Somerset.  By working together in this way, we can all achieve more and make a real difference to the lives of many children and young people.

"With the help of Glastonbury Festival Staff and other willing volunteers from the community, who were keen to help Barnardo’s, the ground floor of the Glastonbury Festival office has been transformed into a fresh new office for Barnardo’s Somerset Family Outreach Team.  The team of paid staff and volunteers offer help, advice and support for families experiencing a wide variety of challenges and difficulties."

Here are some photos from Friday’s ceremony to make the handing over of the keys.

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