Be a fisherman’s friend for Greenpeace

September 28, 2012

This year, Greenpeace have been meeting small-scale fishermen around the English coast to raise awareness for sustainable fishing. The story we’ve heard time and time again is always the same: even though fishermen have been fishing responsibly for decades, they’re being put out of business by unfair fishing laws which instead support destructive fishing practices. Our “Be a Fisherman’s Friend” campaign, raises awareness about this injustice and calls for wide reform of current fishing laws.

The CFP (Common Fisheries Policy) has threatened the future of our fish and our seas, and the coastal communities that rely on them. That’s why we are working together with UK sustainable fishermen to call for a radical change. CFP reform only happens once every 10 years, so this year we have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to fix the system.

You can show your support for fish, sustainable fishermen and coastal communities by signing our petition to UK Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon.

The more of us support the campaign, the more our politicians will listen. Together, we can help our sustainable fishermen get a fair catch, putting the health of our seas first.

Thank you in advance for your precious support.


Greenpeace is one of Glastonbury Festival’s Worthy Causes

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