Bhopal Medical Appeal in the Leftfield

June 17, 2011

The Bhopal Medical Appeal (BMA), one of Michael Eavis’ ‘other worthwhile causes’, have 80 litterpickers on site this year and a small crew in the Leftfield where they’ll be running daily recycled art workshops. They’re inviting Festival-goers to join their crew of charity volunteers in creating a Bhopali Sculpture Garden made out of plastic bottles, bags and fabric scraps.

Many people haven’t heard of Bhopal, especially those that were children in the 1980s and later, yet it remains the biggest industrial disaster ever. The aim at Glastonbury 2011 is to raise awareness of the very current daily disaster in Bhopal, and the survivors’ quest for medical justice and clean water, 27 years after the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak. Union Carbide, now the Dow Chemical Company, continue to deny responsibility, leaving their dumped chemicals to poison the next generation.

The BMA’s message is simple: Dow Chemical, Clean-up Bhopal.

Join the Leftfield Bhopal crew as they transform rubbish into true works of art or just relax with a free cuppa chai in their beautiful Indian marquee in the Leftfield. Enter their simple quiz to win signed t-shirts, a Bhopali sculpture, a private harp recital and more – prize donations welcome.

For more about the free, award-winning healthcare in Bhopal that the charity supports, visit

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