Campervan and caravan field FAQs

April 17, 2013

17 APRIL UPDATE: A very limited number of extra campervan passes have just gone back on sale here.

Further to our balance payment window FAQs, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the campervan fields.

Does each person staying in the campervan fields need to buy a separate campervan ticket or is it just for the vehicle?

No. You only need to book one campervan ticket per campervan/caravan. Everyone aged 13 or over who will be staying in the campervan will of course need a full weekend Festival ticket. For more information please see here.

If I am travelling in a separate vehicle to the caravan/campervan can I park in the campervan fields?

There is space for one car to be parked beside or infront of the caravan. However, any other member of your party arriving separately by car will need to purchase a car parking ticket for the public car parks for £25. For more information please see here.

Can my friends stay with us in the campervan fields if we do not travel together?

Yes – they can pitch one small tent behind the campervan caravan, as per the T&Cs.

How do our friends gain access to the campervan fields if they travel separately?

If your friends are arriving separately to your campervan or caravan they will not be able to gain vehicular access to the campervan fields (as only one car is permitted on the pitch). They will need to buy a car park ticket to park in the public car parks, or travel by public transport, and make their way to the campervan fields on foot via the pedestrian gates. If they are travelling to the East side they can walk directly from the car park into the campervan area. On the West side they will need to park in the car parks, then enter the site through the pedestrian gates and walk through the site to the West Campervan pedestrian gate.

Are glass items permitted within the campervan/caravan?

The usual Festival confiscations policy applies to campervans and caravans. The campervan stewards will only confiscate items on the banned list, such as glass bottles, fireworks, dangerous items, etc. Domestic items that will stay within the campervan are unlikely to be confiscated, however we would advise not to bring anything valuable just in case.

How are pitches allocated?

Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis.

I have difficulty walking a long distance – can I be placed nearer the field entrance?

Due to the location and distance to the campervan fields we recommend that anyone with a mobility issue should contact the deaf & disabled access coordinator to discuss what options and facilities are available to them. Please note the disabled access facilities are for festival goers with permanent disabilities, so broken legs, recent injuries or pregnant woman do not qualify.

Can our group of friends have pitches next to each other as a group?

Sorry, we can’t hold pitches so if you want to park next to each other you will need to arrive together (and have booked on the same side of the site!)

How far is it from the campervan site to the Festival?

We’d estimate it is approximately a 10 minute walk to the outer areas of the Festival, and 20 minutes to the mainstages, at an average pace (longer when the site is busy). However timing will depend on WHERE in the fields you are placed as some fields are much further out than others. The site map will give you a general idea of the distances involved and your nearest access points. In general the walk is flatter from the West campervan fields.

How do I arrange for a family member/hire company to deliver my campervan/caravan to the site?

Please contact the Festival office with details of the hire company who will be delivering your vehicle  and the estimated time and date the delivery will be made (which can be from the Thursday before the Festival, but it is left at their/your own risk). Please note deliveries can only be made to the East campervan fields.


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