Free recycled loo roll at this year’s Festival

June 13, 2011

We’re pleased to report that, at this year’s Glastonbury, Nouvelle will distribute free 100% recycled loo roll to festival goers. The company will give away 100,000 rolls of Nouvelle Soft from Festival Information Points and Property Lock Ups – enough to wrap around the Pyramid Stage 17,500 times.

Said Michael Eavis: “We’re encouraging people to be as green as possible at this year’s Festival. We have put many new measures in to help us achieve this, not least by inviting Nouvelle on board as Recycling Partner to the Festival, to give away free Nouvelle Soft recycled toilet tissue."

Glastonbury Festival is more committed than ever to the recycling of festival materials and ensuring that the remaining waste going to landfill is not harmful to the environment. Working in close partnership with traders, the festival ensures all serving materials at catering stalls are made out of wood or fully compostable materials, including plates, cutlery, cups and bags.

Glastonbury also encourages festival-goers to be more proactive with waste segregation by providing 15,000 colour-coded bins placed around the site for wet or dry recyclable materials or non-recyclable rubbish. Recyclable materials will make their way to the 1100m² foot recycling barn, where it will be manually sorted by 80 volunteers from the first day of the Festival to the end of the following week.

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