Getting to Shangri-La, The Common, Unfairground and Block9 after 10pm

June 22, 2013

The cluster of areas in the South East Corner is always extremely popular at night. To keep numbers to a manageable level, we have a new system in place for 2013.

There will be a single point of entry from 22.00 in Bella’s Field (opposite the Cabaret Tent), at which point all the normal entry routes during the day (including the old railway line) will become exit only.

This new point of entry is much closer to the venues than the point used 2011, so not as far to walk. But the South East Corner is likely to still be very popular, so at peak times please be prepared for a wait as the Sequential Access Management System operates (it is NOT a queue!)

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NB: Arcadia is in a new position near the Other Stage this year.

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