Glasto Latino – the Festival’s Latin quarter

June 5, 2013

For the last five years the buzz has been growing around the Latin/salsa tent as a must-visit venue at Glastonbury. This year, Glasto Latino is a field of its own, with a bigger tent, bigger stage, bigger dance floor, and surrounded by Latin food and drink stalls. And bigger acts too: every night, after the main stages finish, there are from world-famous Latin bands.

For the afternoons, they’re flying in one of the best Son bands from Santiago, Cuba’s old colonial capital and centre of music. They will be entertaining you between the ever-popular beginners’ salsa classes, offered once again by some of the UK’s top instructors.

And no Latin area would be complete without a bar – offering the best mojitos this side of Havana.

Click here for more info on Glasto Latino on their Area page.

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