Greenpeace: 40 Years of Making Waves

July 18, 2011

Well that was the year that was. Like most of you who came this year we’re cleaning up and the T-shirts have been printed for our heroic crew bearing the slogan ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears.’

We hope you visted the Greenpeace Field this year, we think it rocked. Our straw bale Cowshed recording studios got down some superb tracks including visits from Stornaway, Billy Bragg, the Noisettes. Even Michael popped in to sing Happy Birthday for us.

We also recorded a new song ‘You Can’t Kill A Rainbow’ featuring Jah Wobble ready for the launch of our new Rainbow Warrior flagship coming to London in November.

If you took a hot shower in our field you would have seen what makes her the most environmental vessel afloat. The farmers market, a first for Glastonbury, encouraged us to expand it next time around as it was local, tasty and different.A record number of new supporters joine Greenpeace so thank you Michael for having us and thanks to all of you who visited. We hope it was a memorable experience.

Here’s to 2013.


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