In A Field Of Their Own: Dance Village

June 14, 2011

We continue our series of Q&As with the people behind Glastonbury fields and venues, with Dance Village area organiser Malcolm Haynes.

1. How would you describe your area of the Festival to someone who hasn’t visited it before?
For all lovers of dance music the Dance Village offers something for everyone, with a diversity of live bands, DJs and visual art.
2. Have you made any changes/additions for this year? 
Yes, we have renamed the West Tent to Oxlyers in West, and have installed a bar and garden next to it. Oxlyers in West will feature a host of well known Indie bands that previously would have played the Queen’s Head, which is no more. From 6ish, Oxlyers in West moves things up a notch to some impressive artists…check the line-up! We have also put a more full programme of live acts in the Bubbles this year.  The Dance Village will offer two headphone parties (Heds Party) this year, in both East Dance and the Cubehenge. The same headphones can be used for either/both areas. Headphones can be collected with a deposit from the cabin which will be positioned near the trackway that runs through the Dance Village. The deposit will be £20 pounds and we ask that you return the headsets before leaving the area. This is going to be particularly fantastic in Cubehenge as we can make full use of the lighting effects until the early hours. 
3. Which of your acts are you most excited about in 2011?
Very excited about all the acts that play the Dance Village. Wow Stage is very strong this year with; Ms Dynamite, Mary Jane Cole, Julio Bashmore, Neneh Cherry, Nero and Netksy to name a few – plus a very special guest on the Thursday. We have a showcase of fantastic acts from Australia and New Zealand mainly playing the Pussy Parlure (but can also be found in Wow! and Bubbles and East Stages), which I am particularly excited about. Plus in East I’m personally looking forward to Carl Cox and Fatboy Back2back, Midnight Beast, Katy B and all of the line-up for Saturday East.  Oh yes, and a first for Pete Tong in the Dance Village celebrating 20 years in the business on Sunday. Don’t miss an explosive set from D&B maestros; from New Zealand NZ Shapeshifter. 
4. Do you have any good food recommendations in and around your area? 
There are a host of food outlets on the west of the Dance Village. Most of them have had that position for many years, so that’s a good recommendation.
5. How/when did you first get involved with the Festival?
I first got involved in 1990 when I started working and programming the Jazz-World Stage. In 1995 I went over to the newly created Dance Tent and ran/programmed this. I programmed both these areas for ten years. The Dance tent grew in size for the first 5 years then dance music culture changed, and the area responded to this by evolving into the Dance Village as it is now known.
6. What’s the best thing about running an area at Glastonbury?
Having a great team around me and knowing that I am part of a bigger creative group. Glastonbury is the best, biggest and most famous festival in the world…and that would make anyone feel good. It’s a great occasion for catching up with family of/and friends.

7. And what’s the worst?
No bad points just challenges!
8. Is there anything outside your area at this year’s Festival that you’re particularly looking forward to?

I love walking around the Festival earlier on in the week, the Tuesday and Wednesday before things really kick off. This is when I can get a feel of what’s going on across the site and is the only time I can. I would like to try and get up to the Campo Pequeno, as it sounds so impressive. And seeing Beyoncé. 
9. What’s the best performance you’ve ever seen at Glastonbury?
Steven and Damian Marley at the Jazz-World in the year that was the anniversary of Bob Marley’s Exodus album about 4/5 years ago I think. It was amazing. The field was so packed with everyone singing along to the songs – the memory will live with me forever!
10. Finally, what’s your top Glastonbury tip for people coming to the Festival for the first time?
Pace yourself, as it’s a long five days. Arrange meeting points if you are meeting friends and have a great time.

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