In A Field Of Their Own: The Rabbit Hole

June 19, 2011

For our latest Q&A with the organiser of a field/venue, we hear from Hamish Guerrini, from The Park‘s wonderfully odd Rabbit Hole.

1. How would you describe your area of the Festival to someone who hasn’t visited it before?
In the past we have been described as "the highest venue at Glastonbury Festival". The Rabbit Hole is a psychedelic chateau peddling surreal forms of musical endeavour and stupidity. Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland has never been more feverishly imagined. In the Main tent the White Rabbit presents new and wonderful live musical delights that push the boundaries of taste and decency, featuring breaking new bands and a hot selection of special secret djs. If you want to go further, then brave the nebulous labyrinth of tunnels that take the intrepid and adventurous explorer into the fetid mind of the White Rabbit’s warren of interest. Doors within doors, tunnels within tunnels, you might as easily find yourself at a Mad tea party as you might find yourself swirling round and round on a Hubbly-bubbly inspired dancefloor, you might be transported into a 1920’s clandestine cinema or have your future told by the great and legendary Wizard of Odd. But the question remains: Who stole the tarts? Follow the Rabbit, find the queen, query the cat……give a carrot to the Mad man with the  hat……….BUT ….don’t lose you head……. Welcome down The Rabbit Hole.

2. Have you made any changes/additions for this year?
Yes. We have a new tunnel system and some great new decor surprises. We are also firming up our relationship with the "Twitchers", our ornithologically inclined neighbours. Last year we linked up to provide a matchmaking service that involved members of the public spying on potential mates in the Park from the ‘Twitchers Club Hide’. A staff facilitator then ran over to the chosen target and presented them with an invitation to a blind date at the Peoples Cinema within the warren system of the The Rabbit Hole. Using close-up magic, rum hot chocolate and 1920’s erotic film, the Cinema staff then set about facilitating an amorous bond between the couple and ultimately left them to their own devices. We are compiling results and stories to present this year in a "Gallery of Love".

3. Which of your acts are you most excited about in 2011?
Nick Warren headlining the opening night front of house on the Thursday. Oh Land (10.30 Friday) is a brilliant pop goddess who I think we will see a lot more of in the future. We have a very special secret guest DJ after the Mad Cows on Friday. Goldray (10.30 Sat); Ex members of Reef- massive tunes and great sound. And The Fanclub (10.45 Sun) are extraordinarily talented new-comers who are set to go big.

4. Do you have any good food recommendations in and around your area?
Cream tea and carrot cake at the Rabbit Hole.

5. How/when did you first get involved with the Festival?
I was Neals Yard support crew once and did reflexology in the Healing Field. Cal asked me to transport the Rainbow Circle’s entire garden from Glastonbury to The Big Green Gathering in my truck one year. Then, through playing in The Mad Cows, I was asked to run an open mic venue in the Park which became The Rabbit Hole.

6. What’s the best thing about running an area at Glastonbury?
The Music. The theatre. The Show. There seems to be so much great music at the moment and it’s such a pleasure to be able to present it to others. Also, I think people need to let go and lose themselves sometimes and I love seeing the regression at the Rabbit hole as adults indulge in the whole fantasy of it all and have a thorough adventure.

7. And what’s the worst?
Clearing up.

8. Is there anything outside your area at this year’s Festival that  you’re particularly looking forward to?
I hear that Arcadia are up to more fine tricks which is always a pleasure to witness and the new bullring thing looks like it’s going to be a right hoot. I’d love to see Kool And The Gang and of course Dr Jimmy Cliff. (Are we to presume Dr of civil engineering? ….So many rivers to cross?) However, as usual, I don’t expect to get outside the Park from Tuesday onwards.

9. What’s the best performance you’ve ever seen at Glastonbury?
The blowing up of ‘Dub Henge’ with a Sherman tank driven by Barbarians and vertically challenged cyber-freaks. Only possibly surpassed the next year by the Skeleton Galleon that sailed out of the Theatre field, into Jazz world and stalled the Orbital gig mid-flow. Now that’s Showbiz!

10. Finally, what’s your top Glastonbury tip for people coming to the Festival for the first time?
Upon arrival, clearly mark the position of the WELFARE tent on your map in luminous pen, write your name on your arm and seek out a 5-day disco nappy (see Tarka Sands at The Rabbit Hole for details).

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