Line-up times revealed for smaller stages

June 11, 2010

Here’s something to get your teeth into over the weekend – we’ve just launched a new Line-up Times page, with full set times info for 34 of the Festival’s smaller stages.

Click here to check it out.

We decided to give you this info before the 10 main stages (Pyramid Stage, Other Stage, The Park Stage, John Peel Stage, West Holts, West Dance, East Dance, Acoustic, Glade and Avalon Stage) because we thought it’d be a good way to shine a light on some of the amazing stuff that happens out and about around the site. The main stage timings will be announced soon.

Please note, the "Start date" field on the line-up times page shows the day a set will strictly start – so, if it’s just after midnight on Sunday night, it will be down as Monday on the page.  And please be aware that any stages running on the Wednesday of the Festival will be acoustic only.

Also, as ever, these times/bills are all subject to change (and, realistically, some of them definitely will).

Here’s the full list of stages we’re giving you times for:

  • Croissant Neuf
  • Tadpole/green futures
  • Small World Stage
  • Mandala Stage
  • Speakers Forum
  • Avalon Café
  • Experimental Soundfield Dance
  • Glade Lounge
  • NYC Downlow / Block9
  • NYC Downlow / Outdoor stage
  • London Underground / Block9
  • Arcadia
  • Lunar Sea Lounge
  • Igloo (The Common)
  • Bez’s Acid House (Unfair Ground)
  • Bassline Circus
  • Wow!
  • Pussy Parlure
  • Cube Henge
  • BBC Introducing
  • Magic Bubbles
  • Club Dada
  • Hub Stage
  • Cocktails & Dreams
  • Sustrans Change Your World Disco
  • Bourbon Street
  • Queens Head
  • Poetry&Words, Bella’s Field
  • Stonebridge Bar/The Park
  • Free University of Glastonbury/The Park
  • The Bandstand
  • Pilton Palais (Cinema)
  • The Rabbit Hole

Here at website HQ, we’re particularly excited by Bez’s Acid House…

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