Might we recommend the Flying Karamazov Brothers?

June 21, 2011

If you’re coming to Glastonbury, then we *really* advise that you spend some time in the Theatre & Circus field. You really will see some of the world’s best performers there. (We’re still reeling from the time we saw a chap swallow a full length strip bulb – and then turn it on while it was in his stomach.)

If you could do with a suggestion for what to see, then we’d certainly recommend the internationally renowned Flying Karamazov Brothers, who will be transporting their anarchic and unbelievable talents from the West End stage to Glastonbury, for a performance at 7pm on Sunday 26 June on the Astrolabe Stage.

Kilt wearing, flame throwing, line dancing, ballet dancing, tongue twisting, piano playing anarchists, these boys put the Y in wild, the K in chaotic and the OMG in live comedy (or WTF in live comedy). Grabbing the torch from Monty Python and the League of Gentlemen, FKB catapult live comedy to dizzying new heights with their raucous blend of linguistic and physical stunts.
The show, we’re told, is suitable for all audiences: adults, students, television personalities, hoodies, disgraced politicians, politicians who have yet to be disgraced, bank managers, children (but only the smartest, most serious ones), landed gentry, crash landed gentry, nerds, birds, pseudo-intellectuals, Martians, musicians and other animals.

Sounds like you won’t regret popping along…

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