New for 2011: Glastonbury Fair

May 25, 2011

We’re pleased to report that Glastonbury 2011 will be acknowledging the importance of the 1971 Glastonbury Fair Free Festival, with a brand new area – Glastonbury Fair.

The Spirit of 71 stage will be sited in the area, alongside the G Stage (formerly Glade Stage), the Glade Lounge and the Spirit of 71 cafe, and will give focus and celebration to this seminal event of 40 years ago.

The original Glastonbury Fair event was orchestrated by Andrew Kerr. Andrew had been inspired by the mystic, John Michell who wrote of the importance of ley lines, the energy channels of the planet, which in ancient times was understood in a golden age where people lived in harmony with the natural order. Andrew’s vision was for a return to this state of enlightenment.

The 1971 Festival gave focus to the communal feeling of the time that like minded people, whatever their background, could unite in the aim of a spiritual awakening. Glastonbury Fair 2011 will feature performances from some of the original musicians of that time playing music which is as relevant today as it was then, together with current music and performers of the same aspiration.

Andrew has also just published his memoirs, Intolerably Hip, looking back over the years and reminding us of the importance of great gatherings and shared experience. Click here for more info and to buy a copy of the book.

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