Our 2017 Glastonbury website poet in residence is Dominic Berry

May 18, 2017


This year’s Glastonbury website poet in residence is the wonderful Dominic Berry. Dominic is an internationally renowned, award-winning performance poet who has taken his verse across USA, Canada, India, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

He is currently touring two shows: his adult verse ‘No Tigers’, and a family retelling of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, in collaboration with Big Imaginations, Action Transport Theatre and Arts Council England.

Recently named as Saboteurs Best Spoken Word Artist of 2017, Dominic’s other accolades include winning New York’s Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam, UK Superheroes of Slam and, as of 2017, seven Arts Council England Grants for the Arts awards. For more info, check out dominicberry.net.

Here’s Dominic’s first poem for Glastonbury 2017.

Glastonbury Mosh-Pit

It is five in the morning,
two people
feel neck skin prickles
under soft summer solstice sunrise,
in a Glastonbury mosh-pit.
As bass-lines boom
through thousands of bouncing feet
searching for a place to stand,
two people
find love
and peace.

Keisha shares water with Kaz.
Spilling laughter.
It is Keisha’s first festival,
so she carries enough smiles
to inspire a nation.
Can repeat line-up times
like children recite times tables.
Has drawn routes to stages
on backs of hands
like maps on pages
of folklore fables.

Grin soaked,
Kaz drinks this water and decides:
Forget the office.
Being with Keisha
means more to Kaz
than team building workmates
who knock down dreams.
Kaz and Keisha met five minutes ago
and now
their friendship is deeper than time.

They’ve found exactly where they’ll stand.
From pitching tents to their first band,
from raves to campaigns of good will,
from folks who’ll chill to jokes that thrill,
from protest art of paint and steel
to juggled flames and healing fields,
from Pilton Palais to The Glade:
Water Aid.

if Kaz and Keisha’s feelings
could be bottled and shared.
Make our thirsty nations
drunk on love.
Cheers refuelled
at the mosh-pit stop.
An ancient magic
in modern melody.
Kaz and Keisha know
we can change the world
with love
and peace.
In 9am tents,
hugged by sun beams.
Excited minds,
dripping with dreams.

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