Pyramid Stage star trail photos

April 3, 2013

Beth Wasiewicz, a local sixth form student, came down to Worthy Farm last night to take these star trail photos for her A Level Art and Design project.

The 17-year-old explains: "Star trails are a type of photography that uses long exposure to capture the movement of the stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the earth. Star trails photographs show individual stars as streaks of light across the image. The photographs I captured of the Pyramid Stage were each taken over a period of an hour and a half. This allowed enough time to capture the movement of the stars whilst the earth rotated. In order to capture my photographs I used a digital SLR camera, attached with a time release. This allowed me to control how long I left the shutter on my camera open and how many photographs I wanted to capture. My photographs both consist of 80 photographs, I then merged them together using a star trail program to create my final photographs.  The streaks of light visible in my photographs consists of three main stars Cetus, Aries and Orion Belt."



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