Rabbit Hole line-up revealed

June 8, 2011

The Rabbit Hole is in The Park. It is wonderful and surreal and strange. In other words, it’s a real Glastonbury highlight. We asked them to give us some blurb for the website. And this is what they came back with:

Recently, legendary DJ Nick Warren asked the web community "What is the Rabbit Hole?…..I’m playing there this summer!"

All sorts of answers came back, but we liked this one;

"We stumbled on this secret club……… A giant White Rabbit was in charge and The Mad Hatter was the doorman handing out carrots… The entrance to the tunnel was … (SECRET DETAILS DELETED).This was the ACTUAL Rabbit Hole! To enter Wonderland you had to answer a Lewis Carrol riddle, get given a carrot, then get on your hands and knees and crawl through a winding tunnel lit with fairy lights. You eventually emerge into a club, with a raised underlit dancefloor, DJ booth, toadstools. Once inside we were greeted by Alice and the Queen of Hearts who presided over an entourage of lunatics in a psychedelic Funkingham Palace. We stayed there far, far too long…… aiming to head there again this year!!”

2011 Line-up (in descending order)

THURSDAY (until 2am)
Nick Warren
Flying Rhino’s dj’s follow with James  Monroe, Grantly and Slinky Wizard
The Vodka Jellies Karaoke band.
Dark Moon
Joker And The Thief
FRIDAY (until 4am)
0 Junkyard Scientists
Oui Ja Yes
Mad Cows
Oh Land
Beth Rowley
Age Of Glass
Will And The People
Skinny Lister
Rabbit Hole Grand Procession
Naseby Crossing

SATURDAY (until 4.30am)
The Egg
Craig Charles
Julie Daske
Stringer Bessant (ex Reef)   
Movin’ Melvin Brown
Beans On Toast

SUNDAY (until 4.30am)
The Drop
Secret Guests
The Fanclub
Dan Steer
Perhaps Contraption
Mik Artistic
Boxcar Aldous Huxley
Emilie’s Eldest
White Rabbit’s Records

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