Shangri-la area’s 2013 theme revealed!

October 12, 2012

In a new blog here on the official Glastonbury site, Shangri-la creative director Debs Armstrong has revealed that the late-night area’s theme for next year’s Festival will be One Man’s Heaven is Another Man’s Hell – the first part of the Shangri-la Afterlife series.

"Something that makes Shangri-la absolutely unique is its evolving narrative," writes Debs, "we tell a new chapter each year. Contributing artists and designers respond to the story to create their own sub-plots. The Audience becomes inhabitants of the film-set inspired wonderland, Shangri-la, which they explore and become lost within. It is an other-worldly festival experience, with plenty of mind blowing surprises along the way!"

Despite there being no Glastonbury in 2012, the Shangri-la story did continue. It was a tragic tale, though, as the population died and the colonists were betrayed and eventually eaten by their alien friends.

For the full lowdown on One Man’s Heaven is Another Man’s Hell – including how you can get involved in the early creative development phase – click here to read Debs’ full blog.

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