Site snaps: The boat / Cubehenge

June 23, 2010

The Cadmus Boat in the Green Kids Field had its grand opening yesterday, with a little help from ETC winners Ellen and the Escapades. Jason Bryant was there to capture it:



Also, a couple of nights ago, Cubehenge was tested. Cubehenge is a brand new concept stage for the Dance Village in 2010. A series of monumental white cubes laid out in the design of that other great henge a stone’s throw away near Amesbury. The testing show could be seen right across the Festival site as the stacks of cubes, up to twenty feet high, lit up in bright colours and flickered in time to the stage’s soundsystem. During the festival the cubes will display an impressive performance right through the night, while guest DJs include Norman Jay, Will Saul and Zero 7. This is how it looks…

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