Thanks from the Lost Property team

November 1, 2011

A massive thank you to all the very lovely people who handed in property at this year’s Festival. Every year an amazing amount of things are handed in and this year we were able to return at least:

51 bags and 23 rucksacks/suitcases and contents (including keys, cash, ID, cameras, phones, wallets etc);

as well as…

25 cameras
8 pairs of glasses
22 sets of keys
18 passports
55 phones / smartphones
330 wallets and contents (including amongst other things, cash, driving licences, bank cards)


61 driving licences
43 ID/Rail cards of various types
20 miscellaneous items, including: 1 trumpet, 2 laptops, ear defenders and cuddly toys.

Over £3,800 was returned to Festival-goers (including £3333.47 in cheques written by Michael Eavis to cover amounts too large to post).

It’s great that so many folk are prepared to go out of their way to hand things in to ensure people’s valuables are returned to them. It makes a lot of people very happy indeed!


The Lost Property Team

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