The bin painters have finished their work

June 23, 2013

Our 80-strong volunteer crew of bin painters have now finished their work, having decorated thousands of bins, poles, and benches as well as big murals at the entrance gates.

One of the crew – Dan Glastonbury (he changed his name officially!) – set up a charity page in advance, asking people to donate money to Happy Child (who work with street kids), in return for a bin painted with their request.

Dan has raised an amazing £1,100, painting such creative delights as Michael Eavis and Yoda riding a giant fire-breathing badger, a purple octopus hugging a nurse, an owl drinking a pint, Marc Bolan riding a T-rex and a squirrel in a top hat dancing under a star lit sky.

Look out for Dan’s creations on the site, or on Dan’s Twitter here. And you can still donate to his fund by clicking here.



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