Worthy causes


For a few days a year, Glastonbury becomes the most fabulous place on the planet. But back in the real world, some pretty dreadful things take place on an almost daily basis. We work year-round to do something about it. We can’t be everywhere, we can’t fix everything but with your help and the support of those amazing people who run Glastonbury Festival, we can make a difference.


Greenpeace returned to Glastonbury this year with a wakeup call. What’s happening in the Arctic is the starkest illustration yet of the peril our planet is in. But our protests are getting louder and cannot be ignored.

We hope we both informed and entertained you about the things that concern us the most. Aurora our giant polar bear roared out her message that her home in the Arctic is melting while our replica ship conveyed the message about the Arctic 30 who together with our real ship were finally released from incarceration in Russia.

All this is linked to man-made climate change caused by our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels resulting in extreme weather patterns throughout the world. So we asked for your support against fracking and for those who experienced flooding and we got it. Michael and Emily declared Worthy Farm a frack free zone and Dame Vivienne Westwood joined us and captivated you with her passionate plea to ‘just do something.’

But it doesn’t stop here. The fight goes on and we won’t give up until the Arctic has been saved from exploitation and declared a global common.

Please Visit: www.savethearctic.org


Thanks to you, we kick-started our Change the Record petition with an astounding 38,125 signatures.

At this year’s Glastonbury, thousands of festival-goers joined our campaign to Change the Record for women and girls in the world’s poorest communities, through access to clean water and safe toilets.
Worldwide, one in ten people don’t have access to clean water and 2.5 billion people don’t have anywhere safe or hygienic to go to the toilet. The effects are particularly felt by women and girls, who often bear the responsibility of carrying water for their families.
As a result, generation after generation of girls and young women aren’t able to fulfil their ambitions, and are missing out on an education and the chance to earn an income.

That’s why, with your support, we’ll continue to put pressure on governments to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and safe toilets by 2030.

If you didn’t manage to sign our petition at the festival, there’s still time to add your name to the campaign.


At this year’s Glastonbury, we aimed to harness the power of music to spotlight one of the biggest challenges we face in overcoming poverty – inequality.

Over five fantastic days, we asked you to ‘Make a Song and Dance About Poverty’ – and thousands of you joined in.

You sang, drummed, rapped, strummed and strutted for our talent spotters around the site. And now your sounds and moves are with top audio-visual remixers Eclectic Method, who are producing a massive festival mash-up due for October launch.
We will be using your musical efforts to support our demand for political leaders to redress this wealth inequality, where the super-rich get richer, while millions face poverty. Check our website to see how your tune will help to redress the balance.
And, talking of working together to achieve incredible things, thanks go as always to the brilliant Oxfam stewards and staff at our festival shop.

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