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Artwork: Kurt Jackson Official Festival Artist


For a few days a year, Glastonbury becomes the most fabulous place on the planet. But back in the real world, some pretty dreadful things take place on an almost daily basis. We work year-round to do something about it. We can’t be everywhere, we can’t fix everything but with your help and the support of those amazing people who run Glastonbury Festival, we can make a difference.

Take a closer look at what we’ll each be doing this year.


Greenpeace returns to Glastonbury with a wake up call. What’s happening in the Arctic is the starkest illustration yet of the peril our planet is in. The Earth’s spectacular air conditioning system is entering a spiral of decline because of an overbearing fondness for fossil fuels. But our protests are getting louder and cannot be ignored.

The determination of the Arctic 30, and their many supporters worldwide has shown the world that we will not be cowed. Over five million people have now signed up to save the Arctic. Its fate, and that of the world’s climate, oceans, forests and the entire biosphere, is too important to ignore.


This Glastonbury, help WaterAid Change the record to ensure taps and toilets for everyone, everywhere by 2030.

Worldwide, one-in-ten people don’t have access to clean water and 2.5 billion people don’t have anywhere safe or hygienic to go to the toilet. The effects are particularly felt by women and girls who generally have to collect water for the family. It means they miss out on an education and the chance to earn an income. So generation after generation of girls and young women aren’t able to fulfil their ambitions or potential.

We want governments and world leaders to Change the record to improve this dire situation.


Oxfam knows that a future free from poverty begins by giving people that little lift they need, the rest snowballs from there. It just needs a little help from people like you.

This year at Glastonbury we want you to Make a song and dance about poverty and particularly about inequality, an issue that affects us all. The growing divide between the power-hungry, super-rich few and everyone else is one of the biggest barriers we face in fighting poverty.

We want to redress the balance and ensure that people get a fairer share. So we’ll be asking you to sing on the record we’re producing to get world leaders to listen. You can get involved at the Oxfam Tent by the Pyramid Stage and at the Meeting Point.

Help make this Glastonbury really fabulous and do something to fight poverty and protect the planet while you’re here. By working together, we can achieve incredible things. You’ll find us at The Meeting Point – opposite Williams Green and next to the Pyramid Stage.

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