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Are you one of the lucky ones?

Have you already got your ticket? If you have then you’re one of the lucky ones! We know you’re going to have the time of your life…

When your ticket arrives, take a second look. Maybe you’ve not noticed before but for almost 25 years Glastonbury tickets have had the logos of Oxfam, Greenpeace and WaterAid on them. As well as making a generous donation to our three organisations, Michael Eavis invites us to the Festival each year. This means we can share with you, tens of thousands of others at the Festival and millions more watching at home the work we each do to help create a cleaner, greener, fairer world.

Every year, Oxfam takes 2,500 stewards, shop volunteers and campaigners to Glastonbury. We have four festival shops on-site and our stewards take on essential roles to ensure the Festival runs smoothly and you are safe. Year after year, we return to campaign with you on the most pressing issues – and help end poverty for good.

WaterAid has ten water kiosks around the Festival site, where you can fill your Glastonbury water bottle with clean water, something 748 million people around the world are unable to do. We also provide toilets, composting loos and African latrines in Kings Meadow. For the girls, there are three She-Pees (ladies’ urinals) which will revolutionise your Festival experience.

In the Greenpeace field you’ll find fun and entertainment. You can try tasty food, freshen up in our free hot showers, try some climb and skateboard action, chill out to some good music and discover what’s happening to the world’s great oceans.

We all come together at the Meeting Point – opposite Williams Green field. On our mini Pyramid stage you can dress up, put on some makeup and get ready for your very own headline performance in front of thousands on social media.

Look out for us somewhere over the rainbow or, more likely, under one at the side of the real Pyramid stage. We’ll be waiting for you, so please come and say hello and give us your support. Help WaterAid ‘Make It Happen’ with your thumb print, chill-out in the Oxfam lounge, and ‘roll up, roll up’ with Greenpeace’s ocean-themed fairground game.

The Joint Charities are working together to make Glastonbury and the world a cleaner, greener and fairer place. You can help the festival too by taking home your tents, wellies and camping chairs. Love the farm, leave no trace!


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