Oxfam at Glastonbury



Music is a powerful thing. It can raise your spirits like nothing else. It can unite you with a crowd of complete strangers. And with Oxfam, it can help end poverty.

Whether it’s by digging wells, training farmers or rebuilding schools, the cash we raise through music gives the world’s poorest people the support they need to transform their lives. And by campaigning at festivals, we can raise vital awareness about the root causes of poverty, too.

Last year, thousands of festivalgoers took part in Let’s Make A Song And Dance About Poverty, creating a unique crowdsourced track to spotlight the gap between rich and poor.

This year we’re back to target poverty once more. And this time, we’re getting lippy.

The Big Lip Sync will unite festivalgoers across the UK to create the ultimate lip sync video. Throughout the summer, we’ll ask people to paint their lips green and have their photo taken – or record a lip sync – for the video. And we’ll use it to make sure poverty is the issue on everyone’s lips – world leaders included.

The timing is crucial. Right now, almost a billion people still don’t have enough food to eat. Millions of people don’t have clean water to drink. And the number of people affected by disaster has almost doubled in a decade. 2015 is a crucial year to turn this around.

In September, world leaders will set new goals to tackle extreme poverty and hunger. We need to make sure these goals are met. That’s why we need to show how much we care now. If we all sing to the same tune, we will be heard.

Together, we can spread the word – and push the world to act. Together, we can be the generation to end poverty.

You can get involved at the Oxfam Tent by the Pyramid Stage, or look out for our lippy crew across the site.

As always, that’s not all we’re doing. We’re also providing stewards to help you find your way around, and setting up our Festival Shop, stocked with great vintage, woollies and wellies – everything you need to complete your festival look.

It’s set to be a great one – and we look forward to seeing you there. Until then, you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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