WaterAid 2016


We’re never happier than when we’re on Worthy Farm. And this year, we need incredible people like you to shine a spotlight on an unsung hero of Glastonbury – the humble loo. Having a safe, private toilet is a basic human right. But unbelievably, one in three people around the world don’t have access to a loo. That means people get ill and deadly diseases spread fast.

By signing our Toilets Save Lives petition, you can help us change things. And we know your support works. Last year, an astounding 46,181 of you lent your names to our Make it Happen campaign, helping to secure a global goal dedicated to clean water and sanitation.

There are plenty of other ways you can talk toilets with us at this year’s festival. Pop over to the Pyramid stage and you’ll find our talking loos, which have a special message just for you, or stop off at a long drop and say hello to our superstar Loo Crew, who’ll be hard at work making sure you always have somewhere nice and fresh to go.


Our revolutionary female urinals, the ShePees, will be back for 2016, as well as our Pyramid stage stand. And we’ve got hydration covered too. You’ll find our water kiosks at 12 locations across Worthy Farm, where you can pick up your pre-paid Glastonbury water bottle, buy one onsite (but be quick before they go!) and stop by for as many refills of fresh, clean water as you like – for free! As well as getting your H2O hit, you can also share a special postcard from the festival, featuring a photo of you dressed up as a tap, a superhero toilet or, you guessed it, a giant poo.

See you on the farm!

You can also keep in touch by finding us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or visiting wateraid.org.

Watch our best bits from Glastonbury 2015 here:

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