WaterAid 2016

We’re never happier than when we’re on Worthy Farm, especially when incredible people like you are helping us shine a spotlight on an unsung hero of Glastonbury: the life-changing loo.

Having a safe, private toilet is a basic human right. But unbelievably, one in three people around the world don’t have access to one. That means people get ill and deadly diseases spread fast.

By signing our Toilets Save Lives petition at this year’s festival, you took an important step in helping us change things – and we know your support works. It’s what helped us secure Global Goal 6, the first ever commitment from world leaders to reach everyone everywhere with clean water and safe toilets. And now, thanks to you, we can work to make sure they honour that commitment.


Of course, it wouldn’t have been Glastonbury without our team of truly tremendous volunteers. They spent their time on the farm hard at work, manning our water kiosks and Pyramid Stage stand, recycling rubbish and looking after our legendary shepees.

A special thank you also goes to our brand new sanitation superheroes, the Loo Crew, who did an amazing job keeping the long drops spick and span, so you always had somewhere nice and fresh to go to the loo.

After such an amazing year, we can’t wait to be back on the farm in 2017!

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Watch our best bits from Glastonbury 2016 here:

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