Arcadia moves to new field for Glastonbury 2014

May 16, 2014

We’re delighted to announce that Arcadia will have their very own field for years to come in a new location up near The Park.

The Spider will be back to unleash high-octane mayhem and fiery chaos with a thunderous line-up which you can see in full here.

The Glastonbury Landing Show will be weaving its vivid spell and a mesmerising new finale will be closing out the night in epic style.

This year also sees the opening of the Mechanical Playground and its panoply of metallic mysteries. Hand of Man, a 26 foot long mechanical hand capable of crushing cars will be in full effect alongside caged pulse jets, robotic dragons, a sizzling bag of Tesla tricks and the mobile, amphibious Bug Stage.

Arcadia will also be kicking off from 5pm this year and playing for much longer.

Head over to the Arcadia area page for more info.

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