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Dancers amongst the Tribe of Frogs decor by the Origin Stage at Glade Festival 2006

Dancers amongst the Tribe of Frogs decor by the Origin Stage at Glade Festival 2006

Spaceport, Spike, Glade Lounge and Glade Main Stage back in force for 2016, from Thursday morning right through to doors on Monday proudly presenting our best line-up yet.

Half in the trees and half out, along the old railway line between Other Stage and West Holts and on the way to Arcadia and The Park, The Glade area is right at the heart of the Festival. Day or night it’s a place to stop off and meet with friends when trekking across the site. True to its roots in the Avalon field and Frome One World Festivals the Glade crew puts on a massively varied programme of live bands, world music, experimental and later on – the best of pure electronica and dance. Glade hosted the spirit of ’71 stage in 2011 and has a strong connection to the origins of the Festival.

The Glade Area was spawned from the Avalon Field back in the late ’90s. The Avalon stage music was moving away from its usual pure ‘folk’ music and It was decided to start a new area further along the railway towards the Other Stage. Using the small triangle of poplar trees and mature woodland tucked below the embankment it was named The Glade.

The Glade Stage with its little satellite stage The Glade Lounge ran in different positions in the area before claiming its home in the trees in the iconic custom built G Stage roof. In 2014, two new venues – the Spaceport and The Spike – were introduced to the Glade area. Spaceport plays on the extra-terrestrial, futuristic and virtual-reality with some nightclub glam thrown in for good measure. The stage and bar is actually inside a spaceport terminal and its great interstellar soundproofing gives the full benefit of an amazing late night line-up.

The Spike, hidden in another woodland space nearby has been decked out with a bandstand, walkways and bridges. Like Yoda’s Den it’s an enchanted ferny dell with twinkling, fairylights and lush coloured washes in a swirly mist of dry ice smoke. A haze of Spike cocktails will reveal some of the most unexpected highlights of the festival. Next door the Glade Café and bar makes a perfect place to meet friends, rest the legs and to recharge before heading off on the eternal journey that is Glastonbury Festival. Check out some quotes from Facebook…..

STOP PRESS: New to Glade 2016


Tony Andrews, founder of Turbosound and later Funktion One, is no stranger to Glastonbury Festival, having been present and part of the sound crew at Glastonbury Fayre in 1971.  He later persuaded Michael Eavis to bring back the festival in 1979 and to make it an annual event.  Tony was a prominent member of the team of seven who built the permanent Pyramid Stage in 1981 which existed until it was burned down in 1994.

The sound systems designed by Tony and his team provided sound for the Pyramid Stage for many years. The Iconic Flashlight System made its debut on the Pyramid Stage before going on to provide an amazing sonic experience for 350,000 people who attended the Roger Waters historic Wall Concert in Berlin 1990 which celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. The team have recently launched Vero which is their latest large format touring system taking arena sound to a new level. Vero is already appearing on the riders of artists such as Nile Rogers and Chic, Underworld and electronic music aficionados such as Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox.

Tony’s loudspeaker designs through Funktion One were at the forefront of musical evolution and the emerging dance music scene and it was early 1992 that he travelled to Glastonbury to visit his friend Michael, excited to talk about the new youth culture phenomenon which was happening and to ask Michael for a space at the Festival where he could put on an electronic music party.

Experimental Soundfield at Glastonbury Festival 1992. John Newsham, Tony Andrews and Rick Smith – Underworld. Photo:Ben Duncan

Castlemorton Common Festival and the legislation which sought to stop music “Wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of repetitive beats” had not yet occurred and despite Michael’s aspirations to all things leading edge, he thought it would be a rave and therefore it was a bridge too far.

However, he relented, setting aside an area for Tony’s idea and of course being careful not to make the area part of the official festival in view of the rising moral panic which seemed to be surrounding the early electronic music scene at that time.

The Experimental Soundfield, as it was named, was a great success and marked the first occurrence of an electronic dance event at Glastonbury Festival. It attracted around 8,000 people on the Saturday night, dancing within a four point soundfield surrounded by music which was a collaboration between some then unknown, now famous, DJs and musicians which included Darren Emmerson, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde from Underworld.

The Experimental Soundfield was the precursor to the Glastonbury Dance Tent and the now Dance Village which includes Silver Hayes.

Glastonbury Festival 2016 will see the return of the Experimental Soundfield in an official capacity within the Glade Arena and taking the sound to another level.

Experimental Soundfield at Glastonbury Festival 1992. John Newsham, Tony Andrews and Rick Smith – Underworld. Photo: Ben Duncan

The Ambisonic Soundfield is 6 positions of Funktion One loudspeakers arranged in a perfect hexagon 38 metres in diameter.  Two of the positions are either side of the stage like a standard left and right setup. These two positions have enough power to be used alone without the other four which make up the rest of the hexagon, so if you don’t want to use all six positions  you can remain conventional.

The remaining four positions, each consisting of 2 x BR121, 2 x F215 and 2 x Evo6EH are used to add dimension to the main left and right stacks and/or moving events.  We have a device for extracting events from standard stereo programme material. However, it is way better if we can be sent a basic stereo mix with some extra channels such as pads, high hat, melody line etc.

Sound checking The Experimental Soundfield 1992, Glastonbury. Photo: Ben Duncan 

The Ambisonic system is NOT a discreet system where various sounds are sent to particular loudspeaker positions.It IS a system where all the loudspeaker positions conspire to give a sound a location within it. All the artist has to do is to send us some extra channels of their choosing as well as their basic stereo mix.

Please could you let Mark know what tracks, if any, you can send and also please note that MP3s are not serious at all. It would be great if you can bring high quality sound cards and high quality files such as AIFF WAV or FLAC of at least CD quality ( 44.1 kHz sample rate 16 bit depth dynamic range).


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Quotes from Glade Area Glastonbury Facebook

Julie Parsons   …Cannot wait! Carl Cox is worth the ticket price alone – and playing in the glade. oh yes!…

Dave Clough‬‬‬ Glade feels like Home‬‬‬‬

Jonathan Bailey‬‬‬ Without a doubt, my favourite part of the festival. Eclectic, magical and always something great to listen to.‬‬‬‬

Colin Willacy‬‬‬ Glade reminds me of being at a free party in the woods, the musical choice is right on the nail too, and its position on site makes it the ideal to get somewhere else on the rare occasion there’s something else better on.‬‬‬‬

Pete Tighthead Bloomfield‬‬‬ A magical space in the woods, where colours and sounds transport you to a million different places.‬‬‬‬

Jason Walker‬‬‬ I have never walked past the glade and not wanted to stop, there is always such and interesting mix of brilliant music!!!‬‬‬‬

Marshall Freeze‬‬‬ you walk in and lose yourself ‬‬‬

Martin Curtis‬‬‬ The Glade is a beautiful natural space enhanced with sculpture, light and sound. It’s like where my soul always wants to be – and just for a moment, the Glade lets it be there.‬‬‬‬

Matt Caldwell‬‬‬ I live in a forest and trees are my home. The Glade is my home from home.‬‬‬‬

Rhona Wyatt‬‬‬ The Glade is a magical meeting experience hidden in a small woodland corner of the festival. Underneath the shadows of the canopy of leaves the sounds, colours and lights transport you to another world where you will discover your spiritual self.‬‬‬‬

Melvin Delvin‬‬‬ The only reason I go to Glastonbury is to dance the night away in the glade‬‬‬‬

Julie Parsons‬‬ It a not like the other stages you feel part of it, you connect with the music and nature. It’s where you feel the proper spirit of Glastonbury – dancing under the trees and stars. I love it.‬‬‬
Martin Ashford‬‬ The Glade embodies the original carefree spirit of Glastonbury, There is an all encompassing feeling of unity and a celebration of diversity that is packed into a relatively small area. Glade for me is the beating heart of Glastonbury Festival.‬‬‬

Paul Warren‬‬ A small wonderland of art and sound, set amongst the trees there is nowhere else quite like it, with its diverse zones it’s the perfect spot to party hard or relax!! For many, its the spiritual home of electronic music at Glastonbury.‬‬‬

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