Glastonbury Festival 2019: 26th-30th June, 2019

Tickets have now Sold Out. There will be a ticket resale in April 2019.  

Anyone wishing to buy a Glastonbury 2019 ticket will need to have registered. Register online at

For full Ticket information, please click here


See Tickets is the only ticket agency permitted to sell tickets for Glastonbury Festival. No other site or agency will be allocated tickets. Any other company or individual claiming to sell Glastonbury Festival tickets is bogus.

These pages aim to give you all the information you need about Glastonbury Festival: from ticket information and travel advice to suggestions for what to bring. If you’re staying at Worthy View, click here. On site, during the Festival the Information Points are a veritable fount of knowledge and home of usefulness.

If you’re not sure where to begin, a lot of people seem to head for the pages about tickets, getting here and camping.

The 2017 Festival Map is below (click for full-size version).


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