Emily: “I think it’s going to be a really fruitful, exciting year”

October 2, 2009

Hello Emily. Tickets go on sale in two days’ time, are you excited?
Yes! It’s really good to get the ball rolling. I think going on sale in October worked well for us last year and people seem to really appreciate the deposit scheme. And, actually, it’s perfect timing because we’re just cementing our headliners for next year. So it’s nice that it’s all happening at once.

How have registration numbers been this year?
They’ve been really good. People have been registering thick and fast. I think there’s lots of interest in the 40th anniversary next year. And we’re excited about it too – there are lots of great ideas flying around for the anniversary. I think it’s really looking set to be an interesting year. And it is amazing for it to be reaching 40. You look back and there’s been so many moments and so many phases; popular times and really unpopular times and difficult struggles. It’s been a very interesting journey. So there is a lot to celebrate.

It does feel like Glastonbury almost has an imaginary share price, in terms of how people feel about it. Early in 2008 its price was quite low. Now it’s quite high again.

Yes, it does ebb and flow. A couple of years of sunshine and a few great acts have helped. It does feel like people go through stages of being pissed off with us, then coming round to liking it again. But that’s fine. I think the people who are coming are essentially the same, it’s more the media that go through that process. But there’s definitely a sense of excitement around things right now. We had a brilliant Festival this year – I mean, really quite phenomenal. So, we do seem to be on a good run at the moment.

Is there any chance of bands who played in 1970 playing in 2010?
There are a few potentials, yeah. We’ve got a lot of really interesting offers coming in – like one who’s an organic potato farmer now, who played in 1970 but wants to reform his band for next year. Which is great. I think it’s really important to have a bit of that, plus lots of the new stuff as well. There’s so much exciting music around at the moment. I think it’s going to be a really fruitful, exciting year.

Have you had any heated conversations with your dad about who you should book?
We haven’t had any arguments yet, actually. I think we’re all in agreement at the moment. There are a few obvious contenders and then are a few more out there options too. We’re just going through them all at the moment.

What will you be doing on Sunday morning?
I’ll be at the farm. Fingers crossed the whole ticketing thing works really smoothly. And hopefully it’ll be a healthy pace, sales-wise. We don’t want a bun fight. We want the people who want to come to be able to come.

You gave away free Worthy Farm milk at the first Festival. Any plans for that next year?
That could be a bit tricky, as there will be about 170,000 more people there. I think the cows would struggle. But I’m sure there will be other rewards!

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