The Wood 2023

The woodland trails in The Wood and Other Wood around the field are open 24 / 7 with installations to discover and places to sit, relax and rest those weary legs. Discover the multisensory interactive Illumaphonium sound sculpture, portal archway by Pyrite creative in the natural haven of the Nature Reserve.

The ship-shaped platform high up in the big ash tree, christened Union Castle (named after the ship that took Michael Eavis on his seafaring adventures), overlooks Glastonbury Tor and Woodsies Main Stage. An aerial walkway through the tree canopy takes you over Peetas Pond. Dappled in sunlight during the day, while at night, illuminations light up the foliage making it all seem that much more magical.

Every night, from dusk till dawn, the Tolpuddle Fire is lit in the ring of great stones below the ship. Also connected to the Eavis family, the stones and the fire symbolise the legacy of a small group of agricultural labourers from Dorset, who’s conviction, deportation to Australia and subsequent pardoning in the early 19th century became the first semblance of the trade union movement in the UK.

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