Glastonbury recycling film

January 21, 2010

If you were walking in the countryside would you throw your rubbish on the floor or wait for a bin?

This short film gives you an insight into the huge operation that takes place to keep the Glastonbury site clean during the Festival. Every can or plastic bottle that goes into the recycling bins gets sorted by hand, by our dedicated recycling team in the green barn close to  the farm.

Everyone needs to play their part to help the recycling process at Glastonbury Festival so please don’t just throw it on the floor – wait and put it in a bin. Then, please check that the rubbish you’re throwing away is going into the correct bin.

Thank you.

Love the Farm, LEAVE NO TRACE

Film by Joe Wheatley, Rik Burnell. Logo by Joanna Broom.
Soundtracked by the Foals song Olympic Airways 

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