Stainless Steel Cups

We’re delighted that our sustainable, recycled stainless steel pint cups are back for Glastonbury 2022. The stainless pint cups are made of food grade, 80 per cent recycled British stainless steel.

The cups can be bought at any WaterAid kiosk for £5 and can be used for cold drinks at any of the Festival’s smaller draft bars. After the Festival, you can chose to take your cup home or return it for a full refund at any of the Information Points. Sleeves and lanyards for these cups can also be bought from Information Points.

Our stainless steel cup FAQs

Where can I get a cup?
They are £5 form all WaterAid Kiosks.

Where can I use my cup?
At any of the free-flow bars across the Festival site. But unfortunately, our larger busy bar are not set up accommodate them this year. Please see our list of participating bars.

Why can’t I use the cup at busy bars?
We use automated beer machines to keep up with the demand which means we will not be able to process individual steel cup this year.

I gave the bar my metal cup but they served my drink in a paper cup. Why?
Apologies, the bars are busy and are doing what they can to keep up with demand. You can pour your drink into your steel cup and return the paper cup to the bar.

What if my cup is dirty?
Give it a clean or you can swap it for a clean one at one of our selected bars. Please see our list of participating bars.

Can I return the cup after I’ve used it?
Yes, please return all unwanted steel cups to any Information Point for a full refund.

Participating Bars:

Glade Cafe and Bar
Bimble Inn
Beer Bus
The Cornish Arms
Bread and Roses
Lands End
Tap House

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